New Sims 4 pack to be announced on Thursday, 10 June 2021

The Sims 4 will announce details about the game’s next pack this Thursday. While economical with the exact details, it seems likely that the announcement is centred around the next expansion pack for the game and many signs point to farming – or something on that theme.

When The Sims shared a brief line up for upcoming content recently, the reference to the game’s 11th Expansion Pack mentioned that players would be able to ‘bond with nature in the charming expansion pack’.

Farming is high on many players’ wishlist for some time now, with The Sims saying last year they are very aware of just how badly players want this added to their game.

A handful of YouTubers also received a postcard with an invitation to a place called ‘Henford-on-Bagley’, seemingly from Agnes Crumplebottom. The text on the invite read as follows:

Dearest friend,

We are so pleased you?re joining us in Henford-on-Bagley! I am sure you will enjoy the quaint countryside life. Do come visit us at our Garden Stall when you arrive!

? A & A Crumplebottom

P.S. ? I heard the mayor talking about a worldwide tourism video for Henford-on-Bagley premiering June 10 at 8:00AM Pacific Time on! How exciting!

The postcard as well as the invite text was later posted on the official Sims forums. It is not clear if the post card hint will be followed by a short trailer on Tuesday or whether the reference to the ‘tourism video’ on Thursday is the date for the new pack’s trailer.

henford on bagley sims 4 post card (1)
The front of the post card, inviting Simmers to Henford on Bagley.
sims 4 post card new pack announcement
The Sims 4 post card that hints at an upcoming Expansion Pack for the game.

Further details will be revealed on 10 June 2021 at 17:00 SAST (or 8:00 Pacific Time/15:00 GMT), but there’s plenty of speculation already. The farming – or at least some elements of it – is obvious, but many players belive that a the pack might also add fairies as a new life state.

One of the Sims Gurus, GrimSuruDoi, shared a Tweet saying:

hey everyone
nothing fairly overt, right?
don’t overexcite now!
behold a graceful lightness encircling you

The first letters spell out ‘Henford on Bagley’ but other beady eyed Simmers spotted the references to ‘light’ and ‘fairly’ – believing it to be a reference to fairies as a lifestate.

Watch it here: New Sims 4 expansion trailer video