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The Sims 4: Why we still have hope for a farming pack soon

The Sims 4 could take gameplay to the next level with a farming expansion and we remain hopeful that it will arrive sooner rather than later.

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This is an opinion article.

The clock?s ticking closer to the release of The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack and a base game update with ladders. The new expansion pack is looking increasingly intriguing and the live stream gameplay trailer should reveal much more – date still TBC at the time of writing.

But no matter how good The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack might end up being, there?s one thing the Sims community desperately wants ? farming. Before the ?new Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack was officially announced, a fake leak got everyone?s hopes up. Yep, we totally fell for that one too.

The Country Livin? pack never was? but that doesn?t mean some iteration of it won?t come to be in the future.

Why there?s still hope for a Sims 4 farming pack

The Sims 4 always releases an expansion pack over December. Sometimes, that means two expansion packs a year.

Rumours around The Sims 5?s release are neither here nor there at the moment, so until we know for sure when it might be released ? or which phase of development it is currently in ? we?re keeping our hopes alive for a farming pack.

Many Simmers in the community have said that they feel ignored and not listened to, because farming has been highly requested for a long time.

?So when one of the Sim Gurus mention it, we?re definitely going to take notice. Sim Guru Frost, the global community manager for The Sims, responded to a comment on Twitter recently, saying the team is acutely aware of just how highly requested the farming pack is.

Might a farming pack still come as a surprise?

When The Sims 4 team released their six month roadmap in April, they made a point of saying how the game pack will be a ?major first?. Technically speaking, the team has never done a farming pack. Horses came with The Sims 3 Pets expansion pack, but the game has never dedicated an entire pack to farming gameplay exclusively.

Most Simmers probably imagine farming as a whole expansion pack, but consider some of the gameplay features that already exist and the way game packs have been done so far and maybe there?s a surprise linger not too far in the future.

In The Sims 4, game packs have done everything from adding life states like Vampires and Spellcasters to adding new destination worlds and new features like owning a restaurant or spa.

A lot of the very basic functionality for farming is already in the game. Gardening for harvesting crops, pets for looking after animals and the new Eco Lifestyle expansion look like it will add even further complexity to the game with pollution levels being dynamic across all worlds. Island Living even present us with chickens.

An extensive expansion pack with the whole hog (no pun intended!) is still the dream for The Sims 4 venturing to farming, but there is a possibility that it could work with a game pack.

For now though, we’re counting down for the new Eco Lifestyle expansion – 5 June can’t come soon enough.