Sims 4: There’s a golf course in Newcrest that you cannot visit

The Sims 4 gets a lot of flak for a variety of reasons. Some of it fair, some of it foolish. For many players, one of the big sticking points is the way the worlds and neighbourhoods work. Gripes include the game not being an open world and the inability to edit anything beyond the boundary lines of lots.

Fortunately, for the latter, there is a solution. The T.O.O.L mod allows you to build up your worlds and neighbourhoods beyond the confines of owned lot boundaries.

It was while we were busy tinkering with the new version of the T.O.O.L mod, which allows for integration into Build Mode, that we noticed something rather curious.

Considering there is a golf flag in the debug Build/Buy catalogue, perhaps this should not have come as a surprise, but yet, here we are ? somewhat surprised about what you discover when poking around in all corners of The Sims 4 neighbourhoods.

Newcrest, it turns out,  has a golf course ? complete with bunkers and water hazards After poking around a bit more, we found that Oasis Springs has its own golf course, too.

sims 4 golfcourse in oasis springs

But don’t go rushing for your Sims to visit there, because you can?t actually do anything with the golf course ? it just hovers there. Picturesque as it might be, they?re basically useless. The Newcrest golf course is so erm, not interactive, that you cannot even direct Sims to walk on the little pathways.

Much like the cows chilling over in Brindleton Bay and the sheep you can spot close to a barn in Winderberg, we’re guessing these golf courses might just be one of those things that’s there for decoration and signs of what the game could have been – or still be in the future.

Sims 4: Does this mean a golf courses pack or kit?

Before you get excited about building your own golf course or golf resort, this is nothing new.  While the general map view of Sims 4 worlds and neighbourhoods is somewhat underwhelming, they are beautiful when you take a closer look.

Sims 4 neighbourhoods are vibrant and have all sorts of stuff going on in the background and the (non interactive) golf courses are just one such example.

They have been around for many years ? we suspect since the game launched. There is also a text string in the game that makes reference to the golf course, it reads as follows:

To some, Newcrest is just another suburb outside the city. To me, it’s home. I can’t think of a better place to raise a family. There’s Llama Lagoon, which has a nice golf course and a public playground. Ridgeline Drive, which is perfect if you’re looking for something more rustic. Lots of hiking trails on the edge of town. Bridgeview is closer to the city, but it’s still very family-friendly. Plus, it has a really nice picnic area.

That text string seems to be from an interaction where you ask a Sim about their home region.

We are certainly not ruling out the possibility of a golf course addition to The Sims 4, but we are just saying that this is not a speculation post. The next Sims DLC is far more likely to be something akin to Generations, if the recent hints that might not be hints are anything to go by.

Where to find the Newcrest golf course

You should be able to see the golf course in Newcrest right next to the Asphalt Abodes lot. If you can?t see anything, try setting the graphics for your game’s ?View Distance? to high.