Rugby World Cup Pool A standings: Which Team vs Springboks and quarterfinal progression explained

The 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan has been plunged into chaos by the approach of Typhoon Hagibis ahead of the final round of pool fixtures. Two matches have already been cancelled ? New Zealand vs Italy and England vs France. You can read our detailed explainer of the cancelled Rugby World Cup games here.

But there’s another pressing issue which everyone is sweating over. Who will play the Springboks in the quarter-finals of the 2019 Rugby World Cup? And who can and can’t progress from Pool A? What will happen if…so many ifs. Stick with us, we’ve tried to break it down.

RWC 2019 quarterfinals: What we know for sure

  • England will play the runner up of Pool D
  • New Zealand will play the runner up of Pool A
  • France will play the winner of Pool D
  • South Africa will play the winner of Pool A

There’s a lot resting on Pool A, even more so since the fixture between Japan and Scotland ? scheduled for Sunday  – is also under threat of being cancelled. Ireland play Samoa on Saturday, which will help paint a clearer picture. For now, though? here are the scenarios.

Japan vs Scotland

If this match is cancelled, with World Rugby having said it will not be delayed or rescheduled as per the regulations published pre-tournament. If it is cancelled, it will end in a 0-0 draw and both teams will be getting two points, moving Japan onto 16 and Scotland onto 12.

There’s a lot of calculations to come, so if you prefer, you can check out our live Rugby World Cup Pool standings here.

Ireland vs Samoa

The Irish are on 11 points and, despite the pitch looking a bit dubious on Friday, the fixture will go ahead.

For Ireland to be absolutely sure of their spot in the last eight ? regardless of what happens elsewhere ? they need a bonus point win.

That would put Ireland on 16 points, so they cannot be overtaken ? even if the match between Japan and Scotland goes ahead.

A losing bonus point would still be enough for Ireland to progress if Sunday’s match goes ahead. It would put both Ireland and Scotland on 12 points, but the Irish win the head-to-head in the pool stages, so they edge it.

Should Ireland lose against Samoa (without a losing bonus point), it won?t mean anything for the Pacific Islanders, but it could spell trouble for Ireland ? depending on the fixture on Sunday.

Are you keeping up? Thought so. Best to follow the live Rugby World Cup 2019 Pool standings here.

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