The Sims 21st anniversary: Your gift is coming on 25 February

The Sims franchise celebrated 21 years of existence on 4 February 2021. That’s 21 years of removing pool ladders and using motherlode, amongst many other things. For our own personal celebration, we composed a terrible 21st birthday poem for The Sims.

The game has come a very long way since those early days of just skinning a picture of Will Wright over a Sim skeleton for a bit of custom content.

Last year, for the game’s 20th anniversary, players were left somewhat disappointed with a mere hot tub gifted to The Sims 4 to mark the occasion.

For the 21st birthday, players weren?t getting their hopes up too much. And as the clock ticked down to the usual time for game updates to be announced, players could be forgiven for growing just a little bit wary about what to expect.

The Sims turns 21, your gift is coming on the 25th

As it turns out, the game will mark the occasion of turning 21, but only on 25 February 2021. On the game’s official Twitter account, the following message was shared:

Grab a Simsmapolitan! We’re 21
To celebrate, we?ve partnered with some talented creators to create a gift for our community, by our community #YouMakeTheSims
We can?t wait to share on Feb 25th! What is your favourite thing about The Sims community?

The Sims on Twitter.

No further details were shared about what exactly this gift will be… and some players were left just a little bit disappointed that they have to wait. But it is worth considering that the gift might also include this month’s game patch, which could very well precede the game’s next pack.

The Paranormal Stuff Pack has only just been released, but there’s already plenty of speculation of what might be coming next. The leading contender for what the game’s next DLC might seems to be something food-related. Or, if you are feeling really wild, you can follow us down the most unlikely path of a Pok?mon Pack (spoiler alert: almost certainly not gonna happen).

The possibilities for what the collaboration gift might be is endless. Is it an object set made by CC creators? Is it a save file with a complete build overhaul? Is it perhaps just a build overhaul. There are so many options. But we’ll leave that kind of speculation for another day. For now, happy 21st birthday, The Sims. Here’s to the next 21 years.