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Sims 4 CC to up your Courtyard Oasis game, with or without the Kit

With or without The Sims 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit, this custom content will make your worlds much more wholesome and lively.

sims 4 cc jumping frog bakie gaming 2

While The Sims 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit has not been officially confirmed yet, a cheeky exchange between Xbox and The Sims over on Twitter pretty much confirmed it unofficially.

And as an extra special treat, we will even get a full ‘summer line-up’ of what to expect from The Sims 4 in the summer of 2021. The team recently confirmed that both a new Kit and a Game Pack will be revealed ‘soon’.

Details about the new Sims 4 Game Pack is yet to be revealed (we’ll have to wait for that summer-line-up announcement on 17 May). But earlier this week, details of the new Kit was leaked by the official Microsoft Store and thanks to that, we know that it will be called Sims 4: Courtyard Oasis.

The new Kit, set to be released on 18 May 2021, takes its inspiration from Morocco filled with striking mosaics and lush greenery that has adapted to thrive in the arid Sahara.

Personally speaking, it is really refreshing to see The Sims 4 explore themes that is not American or even heavily European influenced. The Snowy Escape Expansion pack inspired by Japan is stunning and it looks like The Sims 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit will be too.

But there is a little while to go before the new Sims 4 Kit will be released and patience has never been a virtue of this writer.

So, if you cannot wait or youre looking to get ahead of the game with custom content thatll fit in perfectly with The Sims 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit once it drops, the CC made by Bakie will do just that.

Sims 4 CC with a difference: Bakies animated animals

You might know the name already from the BakieGaming YouTube channel. But if you are not familiar with Bakies work or you are looking for custom content for The Sims 4 thats a little bit different Bakie is your guy.

sims 4 cc courtyard oasis kit
Moroccan inspired build in The Sims 4 with Koi and flamingo CC by Bakie Gaming.

What is special about Bakies Sims 4 CC is that it adds some life to the worlds in your game and is just generally wholesome and quite useful for making builds a little different.

Bakies speciality is creating animated animals often using some of what exists in the game already. Combined with the T.O.O.L mod, this can make those dull worlds a much, much brighter place.

The list of animated animal CC made by Bakie Gaming is extensive and most of it is base game friendly, so you can really take your pick. However, since were trying to keep this as authentically Morocco inspired as possible, we’ll try to stick to just a few.

bakie gaming sims 4 cc koi for base game
Base game friendly Koi CC for The Sims 4 made by BakieGaming.

While Snowy Escape did add the ability to easily add Koi to a pond, not all players own that expansion pack. But thanks to Bakie – because Koi already exist in the base game, you’ll be able to add that Koi pond to your Moroccan-inspired Oasis Courtyard.

The flamingos featured in the first screenshot aren’t animated themselves, but they do have a water ripple effect underneath them, much more lively just having a flamingo standing around.

bakie animated swimming frogs sims 4
Sims 4 custom content: Animated frogs by BakieGaming.

You can liven up your pond even more with animated frogs – swimming, jumping or both. And while there are crocodiles rather than alligators in Morocco, if you wanted to cheat on this one, we won’t tell anyone.

sims 4 animated alligator cc
See ya later alligator. Actually, we are in the Nile, crocodile.

There is so much more where those came from – available on ModTheSims, BakieGaming’s tumblr, YouTube or you can support them on Patreon. For the CC mentioned here, we’ve dropped the direct links below.

Note: The download links above will open the ModTheSims download page in a new window.