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How to build a FREE chessboard floor in the Sims 4: No mods, no cheats

Sims 4 Base Game Chess Board Floor Free No Cheats 1

Everybody loves a chessboard floor. The Sims 4 does have a few options for builders who want a chessboard floor, but the tiles are quite expensive. The small-tiled version of the chessboard style floor is not all that stylish either. In our humble opinion anyway.

Luckily there is a super simple way to create a chessboard black/white floor in The Sims 4 base game? for free. No mods, no cheats, just clever building.

The Sims 4 base game build: Zero cost chessboard floor

This is perfect for a Rags to Riches challenge or if you?re a Sims player that sticks to the rules and doesn?t cheat. You can even use this floor to go with your zero-tile, debug object only greenhouse.

Or use the black and white chequered floor to liven up your base-game friendly split level loft, whether you’re using it to cheat the Tiny Living tile restriction or not.

How to build a chessboard floor in The Sims 4

In build mode, go to floors and select the masonry option from the styles on the left. The Construction-Quality Concrete tile costs nothing and comes in a variety of swatches.

Select the lightest variant (or darkest if you want to start that way around) and begin tiling every other tile on your floor. Once you have the pattern worked out, change the swatch to the darkest variant.

sims 4 base game chess board floor free no cheats how to

Click on one of the tiles that need to be filled and hold the Shift key. This should fill all the remaining tiles with the darker variant.

And that should give you the perfect chessboard effect in The Sims 4 using only base game items without using any cheats or any mods. If you have a floor laid already, you will even make a profit with this floor.

Video tutorial: Sims 4 base game free chessboard floor