Sims 4 build: Zero tile, base game greenhouse with hanging baskets [tutorial]

If you are one of those Sims players who *gasp* do not use the unlimited money cheat or you?re doing the Rags to Riches challenge, then you?ve probably explored all sorts of crafty ways to get nice things.

Debug mode ? especially the liveobjects cheat ? is a treasure trove of amazing objects that can help bring down your build budget. Unless you are one of those cold-hearted dictators who refuse to even use that cheat. Then move along, there’s only judgement for you here.

Sometimes you just want to have nice things in The Sims 4. But landscaping is expensive and when it comes to choosing between a more comfortable bed or toilet, those needs-fillers always win.

But you can be skint and still have nice things like a greenhouse. Your Sims will thank you should their little worlds ever fall victim to a global pandemic.

The other advantage to this base game greenhouse if you play with Tiny Living, is that it does not use any tiles. That means it won’t push you over the limit. Perfect to go with your 32-tile micro loft – which also uses a workaround the tile restriction.

 The Sims 4: Super simple base game greenhouse

Before you get started, make sure you have the correct cheats turned on. To get the most for the cheapest price out of this build, we recommend these cheats:

  • testingcheats on  (obviously)
  • bb.moveobjects   
  • bb.showhiddenobjects 
  • bb.showliveeditobjects 

Depending on how seriously you want to take the whole greenhouse thing, you can do this build with or without walls. Removing the walls will save you a few Simoleans if you have to stick to a budget.  The windows cost a pretty penny, so be wary of building too big.

To get started, use the room tool to draw out your greenhouse to the size you want.

Add big, clear glass windows for the greenhouse effect. Not that kind of effect, we hope not at least.

Depending on the wall height you are using, you might have to use the cheat for moving objects more precisely.

With cheats turned on (you did that earlier, right?) use the 9 key on your keyboard to move the windows higher up the wall. This will prevent any gaps between the windows and the roof.

If you prefer, you can also just extend the roof to ?hang over? the window walls.

Once you are satisfied with your placings, add the roof. It’s up to you what you want to do here, but we love the domed glass roof.

Sims 4 Base Game Greenhouse Remove Wall

Next, remove the floor of your building and then remove the walls so that all you are left with is an entryway (simply a gap between the windows), the glass walls and your roof.

Sims 4 Greenhouse Remove Floor

With the mid-height walls, you might end up with a bit of a gap below the windows of you move them up with the 9 key. You can just cover these areas with foliage or decorative stones/rocks. The image below shows the gap we’re referring to.

The Sims 4: Decorating a base game greenhouse with debug objects

Now for the fun part. Tables, chairs, brooms, hanging baskets, wheelbarrows, bug spray and all sorts of plants can be found in debug mode. Look at all the things you can get for free *insert sound of music pose here*. The hanging baskets in this build all come from the base game debug catalogue.

Sims 4 Base Game Greenhouse

Yes, even paving stones can be found in this wonderful budget-build mode. All that’s required is thinking a bit differently about how you use these objects. It can take a bit of searching, but it’s well worth it. Many of the objects are simply called ** DEBUG ** so you’ll have to use that text in the search bar.

We also find that searching for “world fence” and then scrolling from there does wonders for finding hidden debug objects that sometimes don’t surface.

The resize cheat tools will be your best friend here. If you have not used these before, we’re about to rock your world. To change the size of an object use the [ and ] keys while holding the object you want to resize. This is very useful for resizing fences from debug mode to build custom planters, for exmaple.

Sims 4 Build Tutorial Zero Tileb Base Game Greenhouse

We have uploaded a version of this to the gallery. It has walls around the outside which you will have to remove after placing. Find the build here or look for mspr1nt on the EA Gallery.