sims 4 custom content slide for kids

Sims 4 base game CC: A standalone slide at last

Not to be one of those people who keep going on about things that are missing from The Sims 4 base game, but after all this time, there is no standalone slide for children.

Redbeard’s Revenge Pirate Ship Jungle Gym does come with a slide included, but this is an extravagant item with a hefty ?3000 price tag. Not ideal. There is a standalone slide for toddlers, but it came as part of The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff, so not base game.

You know what we are building up to, right? Yep. Luckily there is a mod for that.

Ravasheen or RVSN, who interviewed recently as part of what we hope to be a series of creator profiles, has released a standalone slide for children. There is a lot to appreciate with this CC, but let’s start with the aesthetics.

It might be a minor detail for some, but can we just appreciate the fact that the slide’s shadow casts correctly for an object made from scratch?

sims 4 base game slide rvsn cc shadow

There are also two slots at the top of the slide, allowing you to decorate it with most clutter objects. This won?t have any impact on the slide’s usability.

sims 4 base game slide cc rvsn clutter slots

No wonder it took Ravasheen a year to perfect. The slide project (oooh yes, punny) was revived partially thanks to their live stream recently.

Writing in the creator’s notes, RVSN explains the arduous process of completing the slide.

This is a fully functional, BGC slide! I started this slide almost a year ago! It began as a collab set with my creator friend Chicklet on TSR, but we ended up not finishing the set because we both had other things going on. I finally picked it back up and finished it as so many of you have requested!

I made a ton of improvements from my first version! There are also two slots on the top of the slide deck area so you can add a little bit of decor. I kept it to just these two slots in order to minimize routing failures.