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Sims 4 Better Exceptions is here to save your mods on update day

Better Exceptions is a mod that will make Sims 4 update days much more bearable. Created by TwistedMexi, who you might know from the Better BuildBuy or the TOOL mod, this is an invaluable addition for any player who uses a lot of CC or mods in their game.

sims 4 better exceptions mod public release

Last week, the release candidate for TwistedMexi?s Better Exceptions for The Sims 4 mod reached its final stage. On Tuesday, the Public Release version went live.

The public release of Better Exceptions comes just in time for whatever it is The Sims 4 might be rolling out on 25 February to mark the 21st anniversary of The Sims franchise.

If you play with mods or custom content, you are probably familiar with the dreaded ?Last Exception? error. With mods like MC Command Centre, you can usually get a good sense of what might be causing the problem, but the Better Exceptions mod for The Sims 4 goes one step further ? especially when there is a game update.

better exceptions menu

It’s been a long time coming and the mod has gone through some big changes since the first release. For that reason, it’s worth checking out our previous article about the Better Exceptions mod, which includes a new video overview that goes through the features that will be useful.

If you’re not quite convinced of just how many hours of sanity this might save you, from TwistedMexi’s creator notes for the Better Exceptions mod:

It’s been a long road, but today’s the day. BE v2 is finally ready for an official release! This version is quite the jump from v1.08, in regards to everything from stability to functionality. As I mentioned in the video, I would put package tracking today somewhere in the realm of a 90%+ success rate for all lastExceptions caused by mods.

That’s a pretty good effort. And we have not even looked at the whole stop-you-from-losing-your-mind whenever there is a Sims 4 update.

Better Exceptions mod means better Sims 4 patch days

One of the key features of this mod is the Patch Day Scanner which will show up when a new TS4 version (in other words, an update/patch) is installed or when BE is initially installed. We all know the drill for a Sims 4 update day: back up your files, remove all mods and then add them in one-by-one or wait until they are updated or confirmed as working.

The Better Exceptions mod aims to make that update process just a bit smoother. The scanner will highlight mods that, and we quote from the creator notes,  are “technically incompatible with the new patch, and are considered high risk”.

Better Exceptions will also help you track down duplicate mods and highlight any mods that are installed too deep in your folder (usually a chief cultprit for mods not working properly).

The report generated should a Last Exception occur also includes a more detailed log as well as a Diagnostic Section called “Exception Attributes”. This is useful for troubleshooting, especially if you need to supply a log file to somebody assisting you.

There are many other useful features to this mod that will save you many headaches, not just on Sims 4 update days, but whenever you’re troubleshooting mods in your game. You can grab the Better Exceptions mod by TwistedMexi over on their Patreon Page. Since this is a public release, so you do not need to be a supporter, but considering how useful many of TwistedMexi’s mods are, do show them some support if you can.

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