There?s a batch fix for Sims 4 CC chairs that broke after bunk beds update

If your Sims 4 CC chairs and barstools were broken after the bunk beds update in March, there is some good news.? The good folks from The Sims 4 Studio,? a programme that is widely used in the creation of custom content for The Sims 4, have released a batch fix for the issue.

Clever modders had already worked out a way to fix the problem manually, but CC creators and players would have had to do this one by one.

How the March Sims 4 update broke Sims CC chairs

After the much-anticipated bunk beds update, Sims 4 players noticed that their Sims would no longer use CC chairs when these are slotted next to a table or desk. Sims can still use the chairs and barstools – just so long as they are not slotted in.

But that’s no good for dining chairs or office chairs – and not great if you have loads of custom content in your Sims 4 games.

Sims 4 studio batch fix for broken chairs and barstools

But there is a batch fix available to quickly fix the issue. Be warned, though, it is not as straightforward as the previous batch fixes released by S4S.

The fix will repair chairs so that Sims can sit on them when slotted, however, chairs will disappear from save files. You can go ahead and add them back in through the catalogue, but they won’t be on the lots you placed them before.

There is a workaround for that, too, though, with a special cheat code – but this is used at your own risk since it is not something S4S has ever done before.

If you want to fix your broken CC chairs quickly after The Sims 4 bunk beds update, you can head on over to The Sims 4 Studio website for more details on the batch fix or to download/update the programme, if you have not done so already.