Sims 4 platform update: Space-saving loft beds in apartments [NOCC]

The new Sims 4 platform update has opened a whole new world of possibilities in build mode. The fact that they can be used in apartments, too, will really take the game to the next level ? pun absolutely intended.

Even before the release of this update, we looked at building your own custom bunk beds in The Sims 4 without using custom content or mods. It’s a bit finicky, but it works.

The platforms have changed things and will make this process a bit easier once we learn how to use the tool a bit better.

We’re going to focus only on split-level loft beds in apartments for today, but bunk beds are absolutely possible, too. You can find a quick video tutorial for the apartment split level loft beds below the text instructions.

There are already a few tutorials on how to build bunk beds using platforms in The Sims 4. This one below is far less annoying than the method I?ve been trying for bunk beds.

This is very much a ?beta? tutorial. I am still trying to understand the routing of platforms and how Sims plot their course when walking on them and interacting with objects placed on them. We?re going to focus on loft beds only for this tutorial, with bunk beds to follow separately.

While building split level lofts is already possible in The Sims 4, platforms make it possible in single-story apartments, dorms and generally just adds a slightly different way to build these ? rather than the often frustrating process of removing floors and making sure rooms remain intact.

This tutorial will need some work as we learn, but since we?re so excited about this feature, we wanted to share it to hopefully inspire you to build something even better than this rather dull attempt.

Using loft beds can be very useful in small spaces like apartments or dorms. With a bit of fiddling and patience, you can squeeze in just a little bit more for your Sim, even if they live in one of those dingy apartments in San Myshuno.

While you do not need to use any mods or CC to make this work, we highly recommend checking out the T.O.O.L? mod by TwistedMexi, if you’re into building. Seriously, this mod and his BetterBuildBuy mod will change your life.

Since we’re still working on the extended tutorial, we?ll keep this brief. You?ll have to turn on bb.moveobjects and know how to use build keys like ALT, 9 and 0 for mor precise placing.

How to build loft beds in Sims 4 apartments using platforms

If you are building in an apartment or with lower wall heights, start by lowering the floor. In apartments, it is worth going as low as it?ll allow you to.

Use the platform tool to build a platform tile and increase the height. There are two ways you can use (that we?ve tested) for your Sims to access the loft bed. You can build custom stairs (stacking platforms) or a ladder. Since the goal here is saving space, it’s best to opt for the ladder solution.

With your floors lowered, build a platform on which to place the bed. The easiest and least fiddly option is to build it straight against a wall.

Once the platform is placed, put a bed on the lowest level and use the 9 key to raise it up and ALT to place it, leaving just enough space for your Sim to move.

Add a ladder to the end of the platform. That should allow your Sim to use the bed. You can use debug or live edit items to add posts to the bed. If you placed everything correctly and the bed is functional, any objects placed underneath loft bed should be useable.

Video: How to use split level platforms in Sims 4 apartments for loft beds