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MCCC update: Randomize skills in The Sims 4

Want to create a completely random backstory for a Sim? You can now mix up their skills with the click of a mod button.

Sims 4 Random Skills New Mccc Update Novemeber

There?s been a lot happening with The Sims 4 this week. A huge new base game update added platforms to build mode, opening a world of possibilities for builders, including actual split level loft beds in apartments.

The update also added a personality overhaul for Sims with the introduction of Sentiments and the ability to place a vacation lot in any world.

The update also included a bunch of bug fixes, including finally getting rid of that dreaded eyeball ring (reportedly) and the ending the rejection of perfectly functional kitchen sinks and dishwashers in favour of those in the bathroom.

Then there?s the release of the brand new Sims 4 Snowy Escape expansion pack, set for 13 November 2020.

Before any of that even happened, though, everyone?s favourite in-game mod MC Command Centre had released an update that kind of slipped between the cracks.

You can find the full changelog of the update on the MC Command Centre website, but one addition caught our eye.

Use MCCC to randomize skills in The Sims 4

If you like creating Sims with a bit of personality and a back story, you know how useful Sims 4 skill cheats can be. But manually deciding which level to set these skills can be a real pain sometimes.

MCCC already had the ability to set all skills to a certain level, but a recent update added the option to completely randomize skills.

Here?s the note from the changelog:

Per Ash Young?s request, added some new commands for randomizing skill levels (MCCC > MC Cheats > Cheat Sim Info > Skill Cheats > Randomize Skill Levels).  There are two options.  One that randomizes all the skills that the Sim currently knows, but doesn?t change anything on skills they don?t already have.  The other gives them random skill levels on all skills that are applicable to the Sim.  Note that if you have the Skill Panel open on the UI, it may not refresh until the UI gets resynced.  That usually happens when the Sim changes to a different zone or goes into CAS and comes back out.

Ah, modders, you spoil us. We are not worthy of your amazing skills.