Sims 4 build tip tutorial: Bulldoze all lots in every world quickly

If you?ve ever had the urge to your worlds in The Sims 4 a makeover, you?ll know it can be a daunting task. Starting with a completely blank world is fairly simple, since there are many Simmers who have done all the hard work for you and created blank world save files which you can download and build to your heart’s content.

We use this blank save file by SrslySims most often.

But sometimes you don’t want a completely blank canvas. You just want to rebuild some parts of a world. It can be very cumbersome to go into every lot, bulldoze it and then start again.

Luckily, there’s a much quicker and easier way to bulk bulldoze lots in The Sims 4 worlds.  Here’s a quick tutorial.

How to bulldoze all lots in a world in The Sims 4

First, you need to ?build? a blank lot on the smallest available lot and save it to your gallery. Find a 20×15 lot, place a single tile or a mailbox and save it ? call it something like ?blank lot? or similar, so that it is easy to find.

Then, whenever you want to bulldoze many lots quickly in The Sims 4, all you have to do is place the lot through your gallery.

Here’s how to do that.

Place a blank lot through The Sims 4 gallery

Go to the world in The Sims 4 where you want to bulldoze lots. Open your gallery through the right hand corner of the screen and find the blank lot you saved earlier. Click to place the lot wherever you want to a blank canvas.

Our demonstration has a resident already, but that doesn?t matter. The unsuspecting Sim will just stay on the lot. You can either evict him later or just go right ahead and build his new house.

Here’s a quick video to show you the process.

Placing the 20×15 blank lot through the gallery in The Sims 4 will work on any of the lot sizes when you place it.