The Sims 4: Will the base game update finally get cars?

The Sims 4 revealed its ninth expansion pack on Wednesday. Eco Lifestyle, a pack with a dynamic world, focussed on communal decisions, will be released on 5 June.

Sim Gurus have promised that there will be more to the pack than meets the eye with more details set to be revealed during a live stream later in the month.

One thing we do know for sure is that ladders will come to the base game in a pre-release patch. But what about cars?

Along with ladders and an upgrade to babies, cars are one of the most requested features for The Sims 4.

As with all of these, just a quick disclaimer first: This is all just speculation at this point. But if there’s one thing we love more than building in The Sims, it’s trying to decode messages ? or looking for hints where there might not even be any.

The Sims 4: Is a car update imminent?

The Eco Lifestyle expansion pack trailer showed plenty of cars ? the kind we?ve become used to in The Sims 4. The ones that don’t move ? great for builders, useless in most other ways.

But the cars weren?t moving, so it’s probably safe to assume they won?t be shipping with this pack ? especially since the whole point of it is to focus on clean energy. But something has to create all that pollution in the first place, right?

Well, this is where it gets interesting.

Call us optimistic, but is that a driveway we spot in the left corner of this screengrab?

We’re not done speculating just yet either.

Recently, the Future Cube teased several cryptic clues about upcoming content. It wasn’t clear at first whether the hints were about one specific pack or several others. It’s now quite apparent that the clues were hinting at several new content updates – including the base game patches. The “one rung at a time” hint was quite obviously a hint at ladders, something which will come with the base game update.

So, at first glance, the Future Cube hint that says “Your future is? not bright, but illuminated? probably to an intensity of 0.981 candelas” might look like a hint at the candle-making feature that will come with Eco Lifestyle. With The Sims, though, there’s always more.

Just in case you missed it, this is speculation… and we might be reaching, but that’s part of the fun of The Sims.

The Future Cube’s possible hidden message for cars

The whole candela power thing was one of the most intriguing messages from The Cube. Here’s an interesting theory, though.

Written backwards, the number is 1890. This is an important date in the history of cars as we know them, because it’s the year when Panhard et Levassor sold their first automobile. That vehicle would go on to set the standard for most of the modern cars we know today.

Like we said, we might be reaching. But we also like to dream. Remember all those hints about travelling that dropped with the last patch notes?

We can hope.