Sims 4: Using the T.O.O.L mod in build mode to clone objects

The Sims 4 has come a long way since it was first released almost seven years ago. Naturally, so have the mods that take the game to the next level. TwistedMexi’s T.O.O.L (Take Objects Off Lot) mod is one of the most powerful tools (pun intended) in any builder’s arsenal and a recent update to the mod cranked things up a gear.

While it still works best in Live Mode, a recent update to the T.O.O.L mod added the ability to use it in The Sims 4 Build Mode. We?ll do a more comprehensive tutorial on that in the near future (or you can check out TwistedMexi’s one below or on his YouTube channel).

But having recently spent far too much time than I?d like to admit trying to figure out how to clone objects in this new mode, I thought a quick how-to might be useful for somebody else. Granted, I might also be the only one who can’t spot the obvious, but I’ll indulge myself anyway.

How to use T.O.O.L in The Sims 4 Build Mode

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to use T.O.O.L in Build Mode, you have to also use TwistedMexi’s Better BuildBuy mod (which we highly recommend anyway). Once you have installed both, it’s pretty simple.

To toggle into T.O.O.L while in Build Mode (this works whether you have a Sim on the lot or not), hit Shift+T on your keyboard.

The interface looks a bit different to how T.O.O.L works in The Sims 4 Live Mode, but the basic functions are the same. However, you do have to be more careful when it comes to selecting and activating objects.

sims 4 tool mod clone objects build mode

Any object you touch using the hand or select tool will be activated in the usual green highlight colour. You can also hold down the select tool for a few seconds to drag it in the usual way (provided it remains on the lot)

How to clone objects in Build Mode using the T.O.O.L

Just like in live mode, cloning objects with T.O.O.L works by hitting Shift and ALT on your keyboard at the same time. You can also select multiple objects and clone them in one go. The hand tool can be a bit confusing at first – or like I said, maybe that’s just me.

tool mod build mode how to clone objects

Yes, it’s that simple. To clone objects using the T.O.O.L mod in The Sims 4 Build Mode, you just have to toggle into T.O.O.L using Shift + T, select/toggle an object and then hit Shift + ALT.