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Do you say Live or (a)Live Mode in The Sims? A Guru answers

We know there is a new Paranormal Stuff Pack coming out for The Sims 4. We know there is a new Scared emotion which you should definitely not cheat to get or you will be judged by the game.

We know there are a lot of things going on with the game, but we just want to take a few moments to direct everyone’s attention to something very important that has been raised recently: how to pronounce Live Mode in The Sims.

Maybe it’s not something you?ve ever thought of. Maybe it’s one of those things you have just been saying a certain way ever since you started playing and you never questioned it. No? Just us?

Okay. Well, ever since playing the first edition of The Sims, the part of the game where Sims walk around doing Sims things has always been (a)Live mode to us. You know, as in when the game is not paused?

Turns out we have been living a lie all this time. How to pronounce Live Mode in The Sims is one of those mini debates players have been having for years. It’s not taken too seriously, but every once in a while, the burning desire to answer this question prompts somebody to seek answers.

Live Mode or Lyve Mode: Which one is it?

Please be sure you can handle somebody else’s truth before proceeding to read what we are about to share with you. One brave Simmer recently asked Sim Guru Ninja about this on Twitter. The answer?get ready.

According to Sim Guru Ninja: Live rhymes with give. You live in Live mode. You build in Build mode. You can see the Tweet to that exchange below.

Needless to say, many Simmers (including us) did not take this too well. Personally speaking, we see Live Mode as being the “not paused” mode as in live TV.

Ninja himself said that once upon a time even he had to learn something new, replying to one Simmer: “I feel you. I used to say it the other way and it took a while to adjust. It was like un-learning double spaced typing.”

While the news might be shocking, we’ll rebuild. Or, you know, we’ll just keep on saying it like we’ve been saying it because this The Sims and the reason we love the game so much is because you can do whatever you wanna do. Even if it’s wrong (we’re looking at you people asking all about whether you can Woohoo with Bonehilda and Guidry the Ghost).