The Sims 4: Country Livin’ leaks fuels expansion speculation

Update: This leak turned out to be fake and the next pack will be called Eco Lifestyle. You can see more screens and the trailer from the eco living Sims 4 expansion here.

It is becoming a bit of thing when new Sims 4 Expansion Packs are expected. Another unconfirmed leak has emerged which suggests that the ninth expansion for The Sims 4 franchise is likely to centre around the theme Country Livin?.

On Monday, a mysterious source published a product listing for The Sims 4 Country Livin?. If this story sounds familiar, that’s because Discover University was leaked in a similar way.

The account, @FreezerBunnyCowplant, which has since been deleted, actually threatened to leak the information before doing so. After it was revealed that EA Play will be digital this year, the account tweeted:

?This is gonna be a long wait for an announcement of the new EP.?

Followed by:

?Anyway I am gonna leak all I know about the EP sooner if u don’t release the trailer this week? [sic]

Here’s a screenshot.

A few hours later, the same account leaked the screenshot of the alleged new pack.

sims 4 country living target leak

None of this has been officially confirmed by The Sims team, but it comes on the back of a series of curious tweets by the SimGurus. That led down a rabbit hole of questioning of the Future Cube ? and yet more speculation.

There have been many theories about what the Future Cube might be predicting, ranging from some sort of time travel to more off the grid gameplay. The latter would certainly fit with a country-living themed pack. Last year, there extensive game code for horses was also found, something which led many Simmers to believe it’s only a matter of time before a full on farming expansion.

While Sims 4 expansion packs are usually released mid-year, the world has changed quite a bit in recent times and there have been some suggestions that the next pack could launch in May.

Trailers for new packs often drop on a Tuesday… the Sims community is waiting in anticipation.