Sims 4 Country Livin’: Hunting for all the farming hints

Cover photo: The Sims / Facebook.

Update: This leak turned out to be fake and the next pack will be called Eco Lifestyle. You can see more screens and the trailer from the eco living Sims 4 expansion here.

An unconfirmed leak suggests that the next expansion pack for The Sims 4 could be a sort of farming / country living / off the grid style pack. While nothing has been confirmed by EA yet, Simmers do love a little bit of speculation, especially during times of radio silence. And nothing is better to fuel speculation than going searching for hints.

We already know about the game code for horses. But have The Sims team been dropping hints for much longer than that? Let’s take a little look through some easter eggs that could have been hints long before we knew we were looking for hints.

Chicken coop hint in Get Famous?

The Dreamy Pad bed that came with the Get Famous Expansion had an interesting description.

Pile up the Zs and nod off to Sleepy Land (a place brimming with mystical llamas and a single evil chicken named Charles) in this modern, mid-century bed.

In Sims 3, the chicken coop included the evil chicken named Charles. The Sims do love to cross reference almost as much as Simmers love to speculate.

Chickens arriving in Island Living

Chickens already exist in The Sims 4, but only in the same way pigeons do. They first arrived in Island Living.

Sliding doors could work as barn doors

We know that animations sometimes get repurposed. For barn doors, the sliding doors seem a perfect fit for barn doors. Remember these?

Cow hints in Discover University?

Discover University introduced the debating station. One of the options included to debate: ?Are cowplants cows or plants??.

In any ordinary game, this might seem like nothing. But the Sims devs rarely do anything for nothing. The game didn?t have cows yet, so how would Sims even know what cows are? Was that another possible hint?

The future cube hints

A fair few obvious hints here like ?climbing to the top one rung at a time? possibly referencing ladders to climb up to barn levels.  The addition of the longer deck ladders from Island Living already set some of these animations in motion.

The self-organisation could hint at having to take care of everything yourself, like on an off-the-grid lot. That might hint at what the world could look like or some of the features it could have.

The 0.981 candelas answer could also hint at something old school, do it yourself and live off the land type of production with eco-friendly at the core of it.

There are a few more hints, but for now, we’ll leave it at that and hope for a trailer or a teaser soon.