Sims 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit: All the new object descriptions

The Sims 4 released a brand new Courtyard Oasis Kit on Tuesday ? and with new content comes new descriptions and speculation.

And as all Sims 4 players know, one place to look for possible clues about future content is in the object descriptions. Sometimes these take a little while before ?coming true? and sometimes they don’t mean anything at all. The hints are sometimes so subtle that you might even miss them – remember those Paranormal Plates that came with the Snowy Escape expansion pack?

However, with a new Sims 4 Game Pack and Expansion Pack set to be released before the end of July, we?re keeping a beady eye on everything.

We’ll prefix this by saying the descriptions for Sims 4 (well, any version of The Sims really) objects are always worth reading because they are brilliantly written. Even if there was not a single hint in any of it, they will always put a smile on your face.

With that, let’s proceed. These descriptions are taken from the pack exactly as they are and edited only for style.

There are a few that caught our attention. With a heists or heroes and villain pack being one theory around the new Sims 4 Game Pack, a few references to, ahem, creative ways of obtaining the object in question make us look a little closer.

We’ll let you dig in and decide for yourself.

 Sandstone Halo Ceiling Rail

Running out of places to add design accents that express your effervescent personality? Turn your attention upwards with this spectacular carved sandstone ceiling rail! You may think it’s unwise to put large chunks of stone above your head, but sometimes gravity can be defied in the name of good design.

Celestial Sandstone Ceiling Rail

We could tell you many tall tales about this fancy carved ceiling rail, but we’ve decided to leave its origins as a mystery. Was it stolen from a palace? Was it formed naturally in a cave? Is it just a really pretty ceiling rail? The world may never know…

? Lawfully Obtained Antique Column

This column looks nearly identical to the column stolen from the Museum of Antique Structural Support last month, but we can assure you it’s not the same column. It’s a very different column that happens to have the same brilliant carvings and rich patterns. This column will look absolutely stunning in any home, so don’t hesitate to buy today! No personal checks accepted. Please ask for Snake Eyes Tony or Jailbird Jenny when calling and say the code word Magilicutty to be routed to our columns department.

Saharan Stars Fence

Inspired by the desert sky at night, this carved wooden fence was modelled from the constellation Spheros Inetway Major (Large Ball of Twine.)? Now that’s one celestially divine fence!

Old World Frieze Wall Carving

What’s an ancient sculptor’s favourite game? Frieze tag! That joke does really well at architecture conventions, but thankfully you don’t have to sit through one of those to get your hands on this decorative frieze carving.

Accommodating Archway

This doorway was originally built to accommodate the very large hats that were in style at the time. Doorways such as this one were since deemed impractical for many households but recently became in fashion again thanks to a spread in Oasis Weekly magazine. Hopefully the extra large hats will come back into fashion too!

Maximalism to the Max Double Doorway

The double version of our Maximalism to the Max Doorway, for when you need even more doorway! There are doorways and then there are doorways – and this is one beautiful specimen of a doorway! For the ultimate in maximalist design, a few of these will really take your space from shabby to snazzy.

Dedicated to Detail Double Door

This double doorway was painstakingly nibbled by trained termites. Oh, sorry… trained termite artisans. They worked on this magnificent door morning, noon and night to get the patterns just right. Now that’s dedication!

Fabulous Filigree Door

Intricately carved lattice work and filigree details will make this door an instant focal point in your home. The perfect decoy to draw attention away from any mess or d?cor disasters that may be plaguing your residence. (We won’t judge.) Nothing is perfect all the time, but this door can be! Let it do the hard work of being beautiful for you.

Maximalism to the Max Doorway

There are doorways and then there are doorways – and this is one beautiful specimen of a doorway! For the ultimate in maximalist design, a few of these will really take your space from shabby to snazzy.

Star of Paradise Fountain

There are many legends surrounding this fountain, and many are contradictory. Some say the fountain is all that remains of a great city that disappeared beneath the sand dunes, and others say it looks pretty similar to a fountain you can buy at Fountains ‘n Things over on Fourth street. Whatever its origin story, you’ve got to admit it’s super pretty and even has rose petals in it. Rose petals!

Sunset Glow Lantern

If you’re languishing from dim LEDs and fed up with fluorescent bulbs, this old-world style lantern may be just what you need to transform your home-oasis into a setting for sunset romance. Some say love blooms in good company, but come on, it’s all about the lighting.

The Stubborn Genie’s Wall Lamp

Long ago and far away a poor young ne’er-do-well ventured into a desert cave looking for riches. Amongst all the treasure was a brass lamp. Remembering tales of magical beings living inside such lamps, the thief grabbed it and was indeed able to summon a genie. Unfortunately, this particular genie was quite stubborn and refused to grant any wishes or even put on pants. Disappointed, the young lad sold the lamp to a local pawn shop where they converted it into a lovely hanging wall lantern.

Banana Tree

Give your home a bunch of tropical vibes with this luscious banana tree! Each banana tree comes in its own earthenware pot and is guaranteed to evoke many questions and comments from guests including what kind of plant is that, is that a banana plant?! Where did you get a banana plant? I like bananas!, bananas are overrated and squee!

Fan Palm Tree

A symbol of both victory and peace, palm trees add a feeling of rejuvenation and calmness to any private oasis. You might say we’re big fans!

Piece of Paradise Mosaic

Crafted lovingly from hand-made clay tile, this opulent octogram mosaic is a stunning addition to any home. Use it as a base for a water feature, or show it off as is. The perfect addition to your slice of paradise!

Big ‘Ole Vase

You could have the most well-decorated courtyard filled with the finest things, but it still wouldn’t be complete without a big ‘ole vase.

Relaxing Rituals Tea Set by The Piping Pot

If you’re not already having tea-time with your friends and loved ones, make it your new tradition! Catching up with the crew over hot tea and hot goss is sure to be the new highlight of your day, and what better way to make you smile than a blingy tea-set fit for royalty. Time to spill the tea!

The Royal Advisor’s Chair

Lots of folktales often reference royal advisors? who either make or break the story with their questionable counsel, but no one ever really explores the chairs behind the advisors behinds.

This lovely teak chair is said to have belonged to one such advisor who once told a princess not to bother marrying and instead to focus on her career.

At the time, this caused a great scandal, but the princess trusted the advisor and took heed. She focused on her career and ended up being the most successful ruler in the kingdom’s history. She was promoted to Junior Queen, then Queen, then Super Queen. True story. Thanks, royal advisor, and of course, the royal advisor’s chair!

The Royal Loveseat

Folktales will reference the Kings and Queens of old and, of course, their court. But no one thinks about the furniture that lived it all. This lovely loveseat was witness to many royal affairs and a lot of gossip. But like, a LOT of gossip. This loveseat is made to be comfortable to sustain many hours of talking, and its plush cushions provide optimal support for those sessions that you are made to attend, but don’t really want to, so you look upright… and not asleep.

Treasured Tea & Coffee Table by Gilded Furniture Factory

Here at the Gilded Furniture Factory we believe that anything worth having is worth covering in precious metals. That’s why we’ve brought you this delightfully shiny table. It’s the perfect statement piece for those who coddle their coffee or treasure their tea. Sure, some people may call you tacky, but those people don’t have the expensive taste you do. Shine on, you crazy metallic-table-buying-diamond. Shine on.

Coffee in the Courtyard Table

If you’re going to place a coffee table smack dab in the middle of your living area, why not make it a feast for the eyes? Complex patterns adorn this octagonal table, making it a visual treat, and a bold statement piece to add a layer of pizzazz to any room. Octagons – they’re not just for stop signs and UFOs anymore!?

Greet the Dawn Window

Greet the dawn with this stunning latticed window! Sunburst details and colourful inlay tiles will make anyone into a morning person, or at least temporarily quell those murderous tendencies non-morning people have when they first wake up and struggle to form words.

Riad Window

The original version of this large window was completely open, but after an increase of window related accidents, a screen was installed. Great at keeping big bugs away, but sand is another story…

Elevated Elegance Platform by Lofty Life Goals Inc.

Why walk on the ground like some sort of peasant when you can have an elevated walking experience? Here at Lofty Life Goals we make it our mission to provide top-notch platforms so you can live in style and away from the dirty dirt. Rise up!

Saharan Stars Railing

The desert at night is a magical place and is one of the best places to stargaze. This carved wooden stair-rail is inspired by the desert stars and all the constellations within it. The next time you visit the desert, bring a telescope so you can spot the Sul Sul constellation, Llama Major, Llama Minor, and of course Bob Pancakes’ Belt.

Traveller’s Mirage Staircase

The desert does strange things to travellers, and many who have ventured into the dunes have returned with peculiar stories and tall tales. One in particular involved a staircase that appeared out of nowhere and led to a floating oasis city. One traveller claimed to have lived an entire life in this city, but when he climbed back down the stairs, it was as if no time had passed. These stairs are modelled after that very story, but they don’t have any magical powers, so don’t plan on climbing them to escape paying your bills.