Sims 4 base game update on 25 May 2021 will include bunk bed improvements

It is expected that The Sims 4 will release part two of this month’s base game updates on 25 May 2021. This was all but confirmed during Tuesday’s Inside Maxis live stream, which followed the release of the new Sims 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit.

The first patch for the month was released a week ago and focussed on only a few bug fixes. May’s second base game update is expected to be far more substantial and will, in all likelihood, precede the new Sims 4 Game Pack – for which the theme was not confirmed at the time of writing.

There will be another Inside Maxis live stream on 25 May 2021, most likely following the release of that patch. However, if no details of the upcoming Sims 4 Game Pack have been unveiled since then, it seems unlikely that the stream will reveal them.

So far, The Sims 4 have stuck to the policy of Inside Maxis not being a platform to reveal details about upcoming DLC. While overviews for things like Sims 4 Kits have formed part of these streams, they have not been the main feature.

Instead, it has been a showcase for The Sims 4 base game, now in its seventh year, with topics ranging from upcoming bug fixes and patch overviews, amongst other things.

And despite players hoping that Tuesday’s stream would tease some more details on the ‘Sims Summer Line Up‘ [for the northern hemisphere] announced on Monday – we’re none the wiser about what the upcoming Game Pack and Expansion Pack might be. The line up did reveal that the next game pack will come with a new career, though.

We do know that the second Sims 4 base game update for May 2021 will be somewhat more substantial, as per the Laundry List. When the list was released, some of the changes the team was working on included:

  • Sims cook but don’t autonomously eat/ cook more/ eat quick meal instead
  • Sims don’t autonomously eat left-overs
  • Baby icon/household picture different colour than Sim
  • Unable to go to work/school/class/audition
  • Sad Sim All The Time
  • Fruits and vegetables in toddlers? inventories
  • Resume making potion resets Sim
  • Sim stuck at work/school
  • [NKSP] Can?t ship on Plopsy
  • [JTB] Cantina Door missing from build mode
  • [TLSP] Murphy Bed with Loveseat doesn?t have the Relax interaction
  • Updating the Hates Children trait

Updates to Sims 4 bunk beds also coming to the base game

Keeping with the theme of improvements to the base game, The Sims 4 Gurus shared some exciting news about improvements coming to bunk beds. Only added to the base game earlier this year, bunk beds will get some much-needed functionality.

sims 4 bunk beds update may 2021

Bunk beds in the Sims 4 will be updated to include the ability to rotate the bottom bunk 90 degrees. Players will also have the ability to place furniture like couches, dressers, desks and even double beds underneath the top bunk – without using cheats and without losing the functionality of the objects. And all of which can be rotated at 90 degrees.