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Cowabunga! There’s a Sims 4 mod for a milkable cow

The Sims 4 might not have a farming expansion pack yet, but a team of mod and custom content creators have teamed up to at least gift players a dairy cow.

Those cows just chilling in the pastures over in Brindleton Bay won’t be so lonely anymore. But don’t worry, you do not need any expansion packs for this mod to work – the Dairy Cow Mod is Sims 4 base game friendly.

PandaSama, Mizore Yukii and Icemunmun released their Dairy Cow Mod for early access on Patreon this week with the public release to follow on 4 March 2021.

The cow comes with seven different swatches and a whole bunch of interactions, including the ability for Sims to collect and sell milk from the cow.

Players can rename the cow, feed the cow hay (crown from special seeds), gain unique moodlets depending on the type of milk the cow produces and your bovine buddy even has the power to build and destroy Sim friendships. There is even an additional interaction, available only through the Shift-Click cheats, that can send the cow away for meat collection.

The mod also comes with additional objects, made just for your new cow-ardly friend, including the hay bale, hay pile and treat bags with seeds to crow for your cow.

Their cow comes with some udder responsibilities, too. If your cow is pasture rearer – in other words, if it lives on the grass, it will eat when it is hungry. If not, you will have to feed the cow or risk it dying of starvation.

Interactions are available for child-adult Sims and cows can be fed every four hours with milk collection available immediately after it is fed.

Cows also die of old age eventually with a notification that the bell is about to toll appearing when the time nears. How mooving.

Sims 4 Dairy Cow mod creator details

The mod is thanks to these three creators (the links will take you to their external profiles on Patreon).

So far, no conflicts with other mods have been reported and the Dairy Cow mod is also compatible with Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul. We have not yet tried this mod ourselves, but hope to do so very soon.