The Sims 4 revolution will not be televised, it will be Tweeted

What happens when Sims Twitter decides it is time to stand up for all the NPCs missing from the game? That it is time to raise awareness for the justice our favs deserve and campaign for them in the same way that they did for the return of Bonehilda?

From Chip the Dancer to the Social Bunny, the burglar, police, babies that are not objects and even cars. Yes, even a taxi, a horse, the Llama Mascot a colour wheel, Anges Crumplebottom, and so many more… Sims Twitter is here for a revolution.

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In case you are a bit confused, let’s take a little step back for a minute and start at the beginning of sorts. Over the last few days, something curious has been happening over on the Twitter streets. And we bow the High Priestess of Lore, Plumbella, for spotting this first.

Multiple Twitter accounts have started to appear over the last few days, all dedicated to all the things missing from The Sims 4. [Sidenote: We have started a little list over here to try and keep up with them all (we’ll be updating accordingly… if you see an account we’re missing, tag @mspr1nt to add the account).]

The Sims Revolution rallying rattle seems to have been inspired by the OG herself, Bonehilda. That Twitter account popped up back in 2019 and has been calling for justice for the beloved NPC ever since. This year, Bonehilda was finally conjured up again – sans her coffin, of course.

The Skeletal Saviour played it coy in response to the surge of accounts, which cover a very broad range of some of the things players feel are lacking in The Sims 4. Now, we do hope that you can tell by the tone of this piece that this is all being done very much with tongues located in cheeks, skeletal or otherwise.

Many of the accounts, as we have mentioned above, are dedicated to the NPCs that The Sims 4 are yet to see – even as the game heads of its seventh year of existence. Those include the Genie, Agnes Crumplebottom, burglars (which the The Sims 4 team has previously said they are ‘thinking about), the Hula Zombie, Llama Mascot and Chip the Dancer, amongst others.

Other accounts are somewhat more general – and include things like freeing the babies from being objects, wishes for the return of certain iconic objects from the original Sims game, a colour wheel (for which there already is a mod) as well as some of the in-depth gameplay features and best expansion packs from Sims games past.

Accounts like Sims Memories even include some wonderful satirical snapshots like the one below, which reads: “The revolution is real! I’m sure The Sims Team will never forget this revolution, but will EA ever add any of the features we’re fighting for into the game??I don’t think?”

The Sims Twitter Revolution And Justice For The Sims 4

The list of these accounts seem to be growing by the hour and also include a series of accounts dedicated to the generations of the game’s iconic families (which a Simmer did a fantastic job of reviving in this Sims 4 base-game friendly save file).

Nobody knows who is behind any of these accounts – or who is behind the Bonehilda account – or how how long they will survive before Twitter decides to boot them off the platform. Optimists, though, might just be hoping that this is all part of a spectacular marketing campaign which will culminate with one heck of a surprise on 25 February, when The Sims 4 is due to unveil a surprise gift – for the community, by the community – to mark the occasion of the franchise’s 21st birthday. Until then, Viva La Revolution!