sims 4 dairy cow mod public release

There is a Sims 4 dairy cow mod, it is udderly amoozing and free

It seems unthinkable ? and even without having farming as part of The Sims 4 ? the game does not offer milk as an ingredient, despite the fact that Cool Kitchen Stuff came with an ice cream maker. In the greater scheme of things, not having milk ?  dairy or other variants ? is probably a minor grievance.

Milk does exist in The Sims 4, but only as a quick meal and not as an ingredient to create things like milkshakes or whatever other milky delights your Sims might want to conjure up.

And it’s a grievance that no longer really matters because three modders have come together to create a milkable dairy cow mod for The Sims 4.

The milkable dairy cow was previously only available to Patreons, but it has now been released to the public. We wanted to give this mod the write up it deserves, so we have taken some time to test and play through what owning a cow is like in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 milkable dairy cow mod overview

Let’s just start by saying this is some seriously impressive work by the three modders. The little details that have been thought of make this is a wholesome experience all round.

The cow itself is obviously the start of the show, but its existence and the interactions are polished and slick.

The cows been animated, moving like you would mostly expect a cow to move and having an actual cow shadow. This might sound like a minor detail, but considering the propensity of players to complain about the game ?recycling? animations ? it’s always worth noting when modders have made these extra efforts.

Milking the cow also comes with its on animation and sound effects ? and yes, the cow already makes cow sounds. If you have ever milked a cow yourself or seen one being milked, you?ll appreciate the almighty moo  let out when the udder is tugged. Whew, that sentence.

Being able to form a friendship with your cow pal, the ability for them to graze autonomously when placed on grass and cows producing different types of milk depending on what you feed them all adds up to make this one seriously impressive and comprehensive add on to The Sims 4.

I use several mods and loads of custom content in my game, and so far I have not run into any conflicts or any of the dreaded Last Exception errors.

We?ll do a run through tutorial for the cow mod in a future article, but the guides included by the modders themselves are pretty comprehensive. So, if you follow the instructions, there should not be any issues.

Get it here: Milkable Dairy Cow mod for The Sims 4: Available for download on Patreon, created by PandaSama, Icemunmun and Mizore Yukii.