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The Sims 4 is on sale: What’s in The Sims Digital Deluxe Edition?

The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition includes a few extra bits of content that you won’t get with the standard game.

sims 4 digital deluxe edition whats included with it

If, like many people around the world, you are spending much more time at home than usual during the global COVID-19 pandemic, you might be looking for a bit of entertainment.

If you like gaming, you?re in luck. Football Manager 2020 announced on Wednesday that the game would be made available on Steam for free for a week and the Origin shop is running a massive sale.

One of the titles on sale is  The Sims 4 base game and various expansion, game and stuff packs.

You might notice that there are two editions of The Sims 4 available in the Origin shop. With this sale, it?s The Sims Digital Deluxe Edition that?s on sale, not the standard version. And when we say on sale, we mean it’s practically free. The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition has been discounted by 75%.

But what?s the difference?

What does The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition include?

There is no difference between to two in terms of a base game. In other words, you?ll be able to install additional packs with either The Sims 4 Standard Edition or The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition.

The Deluxe Edition just comes with some extra content right off the bat which the standard game doesn?t offer. The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition features the following added content:

  • Awesome Animal Hats Digital Content: Features a collection of fun animal hats for your Sims to wear and show off.
  • Life of the Party Digital Content: Features the Flaming Tiki Bar and sleek, stylized outfits for your Sims.
  • Up All Night Digital Content: Features the Laser Light Show, fun decorations, and outrageous party costumes.
  • The Sims 4 Digital Soundtrack: A digital soundtrack featuring music from the game.

As you can tell, if the game is on sale it?s a no brainer. If you?re making the decision when there isn?t a massive sale on, you might want to consider what kind of Simmer you are.

Let?s take a more detailed look at the content included in The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition.

The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition: Awesome Animal Hats content overview

There are a few different hats and each of them will influence your Sim’s mood instantly. Depending on which hat your Sim puts on (self-explanatory by their names), their mood will change. These are the hats:

  • Energized Owl Hat
  • Inspired Chicken Hat
  • Flirty Cow Hat
  • Hysterical Tiger Hat
  • Dazed Bear Hat
  • Sad Panda Hat
  • Angry Lion Hat

The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition: Life of the Party  content overview

Create-a-Sim content

  • Shine On Men?s Suit
  • Glitter & Abs
  • Big Hat of Shame
  • Star-Spangled Glasses

Buy mode

  • Flaming Tiki Bar


  • Flaming Zesty Salt
  • Sea of Fire
  • Hot and Smoky

The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition: Up All Night content overview

Create-a-Sim content

  • Swallowtail Tux
  • Take the Plunge Formal Dress
  • Grim Reaper Hood
  • Grim Reaper Costume
  • Hot Diggity Dog Hat
  • Hot Diggity Dog Costume
  • Cappy the Clown Cap
  • Confetti the Clown Costume
  • Just Clownin? Clown Shoes
  • Happy Clown Facepaint
  • Why the Sad Facepaint?

Buy mode

  • Anti-Balloon Balloons
  • Sitting Pretty White Chairs
  • Stream Me Up Party Decorations
  • Yin & Yang Circular Rug
  • Let There Be Light! Laser Show
  • White All Night Dining Tables

Social Events

  • Black and White Bash
  • Incognito Costume Party

Food and drinks

  • Hamburger Cake
  • Taco Casserole
  • Black and White Cookies
  • Black & White Cake
  • White & Black Cake
  • Salt and Pepper Shrimp Cocktail
  • Zebra Fizz
  • Buffalo Wing Tea

How can you get the Sims 4 Deluxe Edition if you’ve already bought the standard version

If you’re tickled by all the extras, you don’t have to fork out the full price for The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition. You can purchase an upgrade in the Origin store and get all the extra goodies.