The Sims 4 is poking fun at their own pack leaks through Sims’ nightmares

The Sims 4 recently added a new emotion in a free base game update. Sims can now be Scared and Terrified ? just don’t cheat to make it so or you will be judged but your own game and your Sim will be punished.

Ever since the game was first released over 20 years ago, one of the best thing about it has always been the copywriting. From the descriptions of build/buy objects to the creepy text messages and weird phone calls.

These scribbles are as iconic as Bella Goth. It’s the kind of tongue-in-cheek humour that always rises a giggle when you least expect it.

With the addition of the Scared moodlet and the new Paranormal Stuff Pack, The Sims 4 also got some new bits of copy for when a Sim has a nightmare and it is exactly what you would expect from things written for The Sims.

The nightmare text feature reference to Sim Guru’s Ninja’s moustache on Sim Spark’d, people’s love of removing pool ladders, the limb-stretching glitch and even a video game being leaked – imagine the horror.

Although, Simmers know that there is no need to imagine that nightmare-ish situation. Last year, The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu game pack icon was accidentally leaked through a screenshot while the new Paranormal Stuff Pack appeared on Origin before it even had a name.

The messages are all listed below, see if you can figure out what each one might be a reference to. Or, if you don’t like spoilers, go and give your Sims some nightmares and see if they start having nightmares about somebody forcing them to have nightmares.

There’s a lot to be said about being able to poke fun at yourself. And in a time where everything can feel extremely serious all the time, light relief is most welcome.

What causes Sims to have nightmares?

If you want to try and ruin your your Sims’ sleep, setting the scene for them to have nightmares is super simple. Just get your Sim to go to bed while they are Scared. It doesn’t have to be on the new Haunted House Residential Lot type.

Funny messages when Sims have nightmares

Sim Name had nightmare about being watched silently by a very creepy doll.

Sim Name had a strange dream in which a round yellow Spectre with glasses proposed marriage. What a… nightmare? Sim Name isn’t sure how to feel about it.

Sim Name woke up in a cold sweat from having a nightmare… about having a nightmare. Oh, come on!

Sim Name had a nightmare about being chased by an overly muscular Yamachan. The dream is over, but the images will last a lifetime.

Sim Name had a bleak nightmare about achieving everything they ever wanted in life. Good thing that’ll never happen!

Sim Name had a nightmare where their in-development videogame was leaked early! Not like that would ever happen. Ever.

Sim Name had a nightmare about being a tiny ant trying to survive by storing green pellets of food, only to be sucked into a lawnmower.

Sim Name had a recurring nightmare about taking a test in the nude. Classic!

Sim Name had a nightmare they had to give a presentation about reticulating splines, but could not get the splines to reticulate. Everyone pointed and laughed!

Sim Name had a nightmare they were a contestant on a reality TV show being criticized by a demanding judge with a nice moustache. Eek!

Sim Name had a nightmare about buying a strange clown painting from a yard sale… and then there was a knock at the door…

 Sim Name had a nightmare about being given free ear buds.     Sim Name isn’t sure why, but it just felt wrong.

Sim Name dreamt they were abducted by aliens. What a nightmare! A little trite though, in Sim Name’s opinion.

Sim Name had an awful nightmare about being eaten by a sentient Murphy Bed.

Sim Name had a nightmare about being stuck in a ladder-less pool, unable to get out. Kind of absurd really, why couldn’t     Sim Name just lift themselves out of the pool?

Sim Name had a nightmare about a dog with limbs that stretched like a human. It was a horrible, horrible sight.