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The Sims 4: So, Generations and Cars coming or not?

The Sims 4 released the much-anticipated March base game update on Tuesday, with players finally getting one of their wishes: bunk beds. The patch also made changes to traits and fixed a bunch of bugs as well as further improvements to skin tone and hair textures for console players.

It was a whopping 2GB patch and even had its very own live stream an hour after the update went live – a nice touch which is much appreciated when things have been a little uneasy on the communications front.

SimGuruAzure and SimGuruRad hosted a live stream after the update, called Inside Maxis, a stream which seems to be a new feature. However, there was no indication on frequency of these streams. 

Yep, we’re back to that old nugget: we gotta talk about how The Sims 4 talks. This not on the Sim Gurus at all. The Gurus are great.

However, there is a general sentiment towards the often inconsistent and sometimes non-existent communication from the powers that be. We know, we know, the Gurus can only do so much and can only say so much.

This brings us to the question of what content players can expect from The Sims 4 in the near future. With bunks beds ticked off, cars and babies freed from their cribs are two other highly requested features that remain.

While the Sim Gurus could not say much on the live stream, they did try to detail some of the processes involved in bringing requests and ideas to life.

Generations and cars coming to The Sims 4?

The short answer is we do not know. During the stream, Sim Guru Azure was tasked with answering the question about specific pack themes ? with specific mention made to generations and cars.

?Here’s what we want you to know, we love your ideas,? Sim Guru Azure explained.

?What we can say is that these suggested packs and highly requested features are always at the top of our minds. As soon as these become more real, we’ll update you right here at Inside Maxis.?

We still do not know how often these Inside Maxis streams will be hosted, but we can assume that it will be once a month ? alongside each patch.

Sim Guru Azure then went on to explain briefly what goes into making the ideas for bringing things like cars and freed babies to The Sims 4. You know the drill, focus on our processes and, and. Hey, that almost sounded like a chip off the old sports press conference block, huh?

The TL:DR is this, though: Generations and cars are probably coming to The Sims 4, we have no idea when or in what capacity.