Sims mastermind Will Wright calling for creators to bring new game to life

If you have ever played The Sims you probably know the name Will Wright – the person responsible for the existence of the franchise. Wright also contributed to other popular simulation games like SimCity (before the launch of The Sims), but The Sims is definitely considered to be his biggest success.

He left Maxis in 2009, nine years after The Sims first launched, and founded Stupid Fun Club, his first project after life at Electronic Arts.

Wright has kept a bit of a low profile ever since, but the gears are shifting on a project being developed by Gallium Studios, which was co-founded by Wright.

Recently, the studio has put out calls for creators to be part of an unnamed project described by the studio in one post as a “bizarre new game that incorporates player-created content”.

It is not clear what the game is called, but at the Game Developers Conference in March 2018, Wright announced a new project called Proxi.

The game’s official site describes it as ?a new AI simulation game from the Sims, Sim City and Spore creator Will Wright and executive producer Lauren Elliott, creator of the Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego game series.”

On the studio’s website, there is no reference to Proxi, but the application for Beta access to Creator Tools, the studio writes: ?Gallium’s tool for creators is a Unity Plug-in that lets artists create assets that will be available in the marketplace for Gallium games.?

Creators with ?a solid 3D art background? can apply for early access to the Gallium Creator Tool. But there are additional opportunities, too and it is almost certainly a game that will appeal to players who enjoy The Sims.

The website SimsVIP said that they were approached y the studios to fill in a short form  – seemingly aimed at creators who want to be part of the project.

The survey is short and sweet with the introduction reading as follows:

Have you ever wished you could be immortal? We’re a creative team of experienced designers looking for enthusiastic content creators to help us bring a new game concept to life. We’re taking applications for a private pre-launch community where you will get the opportunity to go behind the scenes and collaborate with the dev team. To apply, please answer these questions honestly. There are no right or wrong answers. Ready? Let’s go!

While it is not clear if this is related to Proxi, Wright previously said of the project: ?This is in some sense a game of self-discovery, a game where we actually uncover the hidden you – your subconscious, your inner ID, and bring it to the surface, bring it to life so you can interact with it, you can play with it, you can learn from it and it can learn about you.”

The meta title of the survey says: “Beta test a bizarre new game sim based on YOU!” – which does seem to chime with the descriptions of Proxi.

The survey can be filled in over here [H/T SimsVIP].