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Sims 4 June TLDR patch notes and broken mods and CC watch

It's patch day for The Sims 4 - and it's a biggie. Catch up with the latest updates from the patch notes as well as broken mods and CC updates here.


A massive patch has rolled out for The Sims 4 base game , with changes to everything from build-buy mode to build-buy mode and Sims inventories. The update includes some exciting changes like the ability to freely place doors and windows without the forced grid restriction.

Because of the scale of the patch, it is likely to have a huge impact on mods and custom content. To mitigate the risk of your game breaking as a result of the latest June Sims 4 patch, you can read the guide we put together a guide on how to prepare your game if you use mods or CC.

Once the update is out, we?ll also be updating this article with all the information we can find on which mods or custom content has been reported as broken/fine and which have been updated with a fix.

Sims 4 June patch: Broken mods and custom content

luthienrising does an excellent job of keeping an update of broken CC/mods over on the official Sims forum. Some of those are republished below. This is by no means the entire list, you should check with creators on their pages if you aren’t sure if your CC or mods are working fine. You can also check back in on the forums to see if there have been any further updates.

Mods not working as expected

  • all aspiration rewards
    as well as:
  • Faster Hygiene (magneticsouth)
  • Intense Fires (lotharihoe)
  • Invite to Fix (Bienchen)
  • Life’s Tragedies (Sacrificial)
  • More CAS Columns (weerbesu)
  • Out of The Dark (lotharihoe)
  • RealisticUniFees (magneticsouth)
  • RealisticUniScholarship (magneticsouth)
  • Scientist Career – Graveyard Shift and Gardening Fix (gettps)
  • Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul
  • Transform some Grass Daily Task (gettps)
  • UI Cheats Extension (weerbesu)
  • Venue Changes (Zerbu)
  • Working Alarm Clocks (Scumbumbo)
  • WW (turbodriver)
  • Extreme Violence (EV) by Sacrificial
  • Life’s Tragedies (LT) by Sacrificial
  • Meaningful Stories (MS) by Roburky
  • Map Overlays by NoirSims & DerShayan

Mods and Tools reported fine by creator

  • Deaderpool: MCCCSo there will be some hotfixes coming to 7.2.0 to fix issues we find with today?s update, but I?m not seeing anything game-breaking right now with using 7.2.0 with the update today.
  • gettps: No Robot Upgrade Parts on Chemistry Lab, Acting Career Gig Booster
  • Jamjars: Omegaverse
  • lotharihoe: Less/No Blizzard Slipping, Magic Sage Attractors, Into The Light, Cubemap Remover, loading screens
  • Scumbumbo (confirmed by other modders): Sims Log Enabler, Tuning Error Notifier
  • simmytime: No/Less City Living/Island Living NPC names, No bubble blower or talking toilet reactions, Rainproof Electronics & Servos, Surprise Holidays Be Gone, More Roommates & Roommate Behavior Tweaks, Tiny Homes – Changed Tile Limits

Mods you no longer need

  • CC conversions of Maxis candles that make them work Off-the-Grid
  • CC conversions of Maxis tubs to allow Toddler and dog bathing Off-the-Grid
  • any mod that stops Vampires from entering your home (there is a new door option)
  • mods for removing telling visitors to go home (there is a new interaction)
  • mods making bicycle helmets available for anyone in CAS
  • mods fixing lost Presentation Boards in DU
  • mods for showing the homework timer in DU

Official patch notes TLDR version: Sims 4 June update

These are taken from the Sims official website and we have republished them in full, verbatim here.

Sims 4 June patch: Ch-ch-chaaanges

  • Inventory updates – the ability to Filter, Sort, Favorite, Multi-Select, and Multi-Sell added.
  • Free placing of doors and windows: By holding down the Alt key while dragging, you can enjoy the smooth sensations of free Door and Window placement.
  • Ladders: Self-explanatory.
  • M?A?C Cosmetics: A collab with the brand for additional CAS assets.
  • Repoperson and firefighter NPC
  • Bills updated: Breakdown of Sim?s Bills information that can be accessed via interaction on the Mailbox or Phone. You can see what percentage of your Bills go to Water, what percentage go to Power, insight into any Fees, Reductions, or Penalties.
  • Legacy neighbourhood tags: Map Tags with Neighborhood Descriptions to existing neighbourhoods that didn?t have them.
  • No Trespassing: Added to the doors to keep vampires and other unwanted visitors out.
  • Send home: Different to the Ask To Leave or Go Away interaction. It is nearly instantaneous and leaves your visitors with no hurt feelings or Relationship impact.
  • Build mode impacts gameplay: Certain objects such as wall patterns, floor patterns, fences, and columns bring different gameplay modifiers. Some of these modifiers affect how your Bills and utilities, for example.
  • New looks for tots and kids added to CAS
  • Updates to the spammy call invites
  • Earbuds no longer being forced on Sims
  • Changes to off-the-grid: quite an extensive list, read the full patch notes for a detailed overview.

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