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Sims 4 leaked game pack icon: Why it’s different – a theory about water

The icon for the upcoming Sims 4 game pack leaked almost a week ago. The icon has some notable differences compared to the others.

Sims 4 Game Pack Leaked Icon Different Theories Water Or Space

It?s been nearly a week since the new Sims 4 game pack icon was leaked accidentally (or not) and while there has been much speculation about what the icon suggests the new pack will be ? there has been no official confirmation.

The most popular theory is that it is Star Wars related ? or at the very least, Star Wars-inspired, because of its close resemblance to the Galaxy?s Edge Disney park. Another less likely theory is that it is either an underwater world, like Atlantis.

Simmers have been trying to decipher the hints dropped by Sim Gurus, but right now everything is speculation.

There is one thing that everyone agrees on about the icon, though. It looks very different to all other packs released by The Sims so far. Here?s a look at all of the pack icons released so far.

Sims 4 All Pack Icons Together

And here is recreation of the leaked icon(made by r?@Millow____) for the new game pack and a screenshot from the leak.

Two things stand out immediately: The background of the icon is blue and the icon has an outline. It also has far more features than any of the other packs – but that’s secondary.

The leaked icon for the new Sims 4 game pack has got a far closer resemblance to the neighbourhood icons in the game. These all have a white outline.

Only a few use fully blue or blue-ish backgrounds, though. These include:

  • Bedrock Strait (Oasis Springs)
  • Uptown (San Myshuno)
  • Whiskerman’s Wharf and Deadgrass Isle (Brindleton Bay)
  • Ohan’ali Town (Sulani)
  • Conifer Station (Evergreen Harbor)

What makes this interesting is that only two of those somewhat match the dominant blue hue from the leaked game pack icon ? Uptown and Whiskerman’s Wharf. A few others match the blue “beam”. Now, of course, these are the dominant colours used by The Sims in their CI, but while there is no information forthcoming- speculators are gonna speculate.

Sims 4 Packs With Blue Icons Neighbourhoods

The closest match to the darkest blue is actually Whiskerman’s Wharf – which is obviously close to the water.

Does the leaked Sims 4 game pack resemble water?

The most obvious reason for the leaked Sims 4 game pack icon being so different is that we know for sure it will be something “never done before” as per the six-month road map. We’ll be honest and admit that if given the option between an underwater or a space world in a Sims 4 game pack – we’d prefer the underwater world. Especially if that world features ancient European style architecture based around the story of Atlantis.

We don’t have solid reference for how a sky might be represented in an icon – Sixam’s alien world doesn’t have an icon, so it might be reaching to suggest that it is a “sky”.

The thing that has most people scratching their heads is the outline. It could be an astronaut helmet, it could be a diver helmet or it could be something else.

Snowglobe theory about the leaked icon

Many Simmers who aren’t familiar with Star Wars (us included) said they got an immediate “winter world” feel from looking at the icon. The outline in this case represents a snow globe. One brilliant Simmer even created this icon.

It doesn’t fit the icon profile exactly, but it is very much in line with a snow globe style look and feel.

Neighbourhoods without icons

It’s worth noting, too, that only two of the worlds that came with game packs do not have their own ‘specific’ neighbourhood icons. Forgotten Hollow and Glimmerhook are worlds and neighbourhoods all in one.

Not that it means anything. But it’s not that it means nothing either. The speculation continues.

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