Confirmed: Six new hair colours coming to The Sims 4, but not in May

Update: The Sims have since clarified that the new hair colours will not be coming in the May patch, but in a “future patch”. It was not specified which future update.

The Sims 4 base game will be getting six new hair colours in the near future – as was speculated after the March Inside Maxis live stream. Additional updates for existing hairstyles as well as presets to improve East Asian representation in the base game will also be added with a “future patch”.

Sim Guru Popcorn and Sim Guru Salo hosted the April edition of Inside Maxis and shared a few sneak peeks at what’s coming to The Sims 4 base game next. The Gurus also shared another screenshot of how the game’s big afro will be updated.

Issues with Simulation Lag – a long term issue with The Sims 4 – was also raised as a “Hot Topic” on the stream – meaning it is an issue the team are aware of and actively gathering information on to try and fix. The Gurus urged players to submit their save files through EA Answers HQ to assist the process of fixing the lag.

sims 4 big afro update may patch

Below are two screenshots of the additional eye pre-sets that will be added to the base game with the May patch. The release date for the update was not revealed, though, but with both a Sims 4 Kit and a new Sims 4 Game Pack set to be revealed ‘in the next few weeks’ – the update might land a little bit earlier than the end of the month.

sims 4 update base game preset eyes

While the Sim Gurus took extra care on this live stream not to let anything slip accidentally (or accidentally on purpose, who knows), there is just one question remaining: Why did Sim Guru Salo’s eyebrows turn green towards the end of the stream?

Yeah, yeah, we know… we are all in a simulation yibs yibs furby nibs. But we’ve been around this block a few times,