Sims 4 speculation: Sim Guru?s redacted quip might hint at new world

A new world, along with a new life state, might be coming to The Sims 4 soon ? possibly with whatever new pack is coming next.

On Friday,  Sim Guru George asked on Twitter which world players would play with if they could choose just one for the entire weekend. In response, Sim Guru Frost, global community manager for The Sims, said: [REDACTED].

Sim Gurus took the thread further with Sim Guru George saying: You know that [REDACTED] only works if you are playing with [REDACTED] sims and the new [REDACTED].

The Sims 4 has previously referenced redacted ahead of the announcement of a new pack, which suggests that there could be some sort of teaser or trailer soon – possibly even on Monday.

While there has been no official confirmation of new content or even a monthly base game update for April 2021 so far, there was a potential ?leak? from Spanish Sims Twitter recently. A screenshot shared on the official Spanish Sims Twitter account showed a Sim’s arm with body hair visible.

Werewolves coming to The Sims 4 soon?

While there have been many potential hints about a generations-type of pack coming to The Sims 4 in the near future, body hair, as well as the redacted tweet that seemingly references a new life state and world for the game, would fit with werewolves being added.

Generations might be on the cards in the future, however, body hair is something The Sims 4 team acknowledged was missing from the game. Last year, Sim Guru Duke admitted that?The Sims 4 ?needs to deliver on body hair?.

Body hair could very well pave the way for a werewolf pack to be added to The Sims 4, much like it did in The Sims 3 and, perhaps, the hints have been a bit more subtle – with the references to food – including the seemingly hairy arm being next to a plate of food – possibly being linked.

So, what does food and being a werewolf have to do with each other? The term lycanthropy is used both in the mythical sense ? werewolf ? but it can also be used in a clinical sense. In the clinical context, lycanthropy has been described as cases where a patient presents with “the ravenous appetite and other qualities of a wolf?. There’s also a totally wild theory about how tomatoes were to blame for werewolves.

We know, we know. This might sound like a bit of a reach, but there is something else that piqued our interest. When a Sim explores the caves in?Mt. Komorebi, the world that came with the Snowy Escape expansion, they might sometimes have an encounter with something ?hairy? which has a ?deep growl?. Here’s the text string for that:

The tunnels twist and turn. They often get very dark except for an icy blue glow dimly filtering in from the distant entrance. {SimFirstName} is navigating mostly by touch. The cold rock & ice walls suddenly become something hairy and damp. It lets out a deep growl, and this time it isn?t {0.SimFirstName}’s one weird uncle. {Sim} sprints back towards the entrance without waiting to find out more.\n\nAt least {SimFirstName} got some exercise in.

It might be nothing. It could be something. Hopefully, players will find out this week.