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Sims 4 new stuff pack speculation: Romance and love

The Sims 4 will get another stuff pack in the near future. Here's a theory about why love might be in the air with this yet-to-be confirmed pack.

Sims 4 Wedding Planner Stuff Pack Speculation

Remember, as the title states, this is speculation. While we endeavour to make a solid case for our speculation theories, none of these have been confirmed by EA? until they have been confirmed by EA.

Sims 4 Romance Wedding Planner Stuff Pack Speculation

The Sims 4 will be getting another stuff pack sometime soon. A leak on the official Origin platform listed a ?place holder? stuff pack recently. EA and The Sims team confirmed that the pack is real and will be a thing in the future, but we don?t know what it will be just yet.

But Simmers would not be Simmers if we didn?t put our speculation hats on and looked for some clues. The first suspected clues came through the responses from the official Sims Twitter account and a response from Sim Guru Ninja.

Both seemed to reference romance. So we got digging and we got thinking.

Sims 4 romance pack: Previous themes mentioned

When it comes to speculating on possible new themes for Sims 4 packs, the first place to start is looking back at previous community surveys.

We know that developing a pack takes time and there are often several packs in the works at the same time.

All the way back in 2018, there was a survey about a romance pack for The Sims 4. Originally pitched as a game pack, the concept cantered around improving romance in The Sims 4.

Here’s how the survey described some elements of a possible romance pack.

Sims interested in matters of the heart are going to be pleased with The Sims 4 Love Life. Go on a variety of romantic dates at all-new locations or be a matchmaker for your friends. Experience wedding fun (and drama) from asking parents for permission to enjoying the honeymoon.

Go on dates: Have your first dates, blind dates or group dates at a variety of new locations from the Lovers’ Garden to the Moonlit Cafe, complete with private concert stage.

Be a matchmaker: Practice matchmaking skills by setting up your Sims on dates, giving romantic advice and navigating the dating drama as a matchmaker.

Throw a wedding: Weddings are bigger than ever. Ask Sims’ parents for permission to marry, experience bachelor or bachelorette party fun and even plan the details of your big day.

The Sims 4 romance pack: Elope to destination worlds

While it is unlikely that all of the featured mentioned above would fit into a stuff pack, the game did recently add the ability for Sims to elope to destination worlds.

This would fit in well with the idea of a matchmaker or wedding player being added to the game. The Sims 4 Romantic Garden stuff pack added what could be deemed as a version of the ?Lovers? Garden? mentioned above.

Stuff packs in the Sims 4 vary quite a bit in what they offer players. Some, like the Tiny Living and Nifty Knitting stuff packs, added fundamental features to the game. Others have been a bit more lowkey.

But expanding on some base game functionality of the romance system in The Sims 4 and adding gameplay like planning a wedding does not seem beyond the realms of possibility.

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