Sims 4 save file with generational family trees for iconic families

One of the most enjoyable things about The Sims 4 (personally speaking) is seeing the world through the save files of other players. Whether those files consist of completely unique Sims with their own backstories or whether it simply adds some character through builds and backstories – it doesn’t really matter.

Once in a while, though, a Sims 4 Save File comes around that just completely changes the way you play the game. That can be the always useful Blank Sims 4 Save File from SrslySims or it can be a save file that adds backstories, relationships and generations for some of the most iconic families from the game.

That’s exactly what this save file does. The level of detail used in this save is mind-blowing. From the family portraits on the walls to the carefully crafted relationships added in and dating back generations – The Original Fishy Save File a work of art, a masterpiece.

Without spoiling too much – really, this save is like unwrapping a gift every time you open it – this save adds so many multi-generations for some of the game’s iconic families from the Goths to the Bachelors, and also brings back some of the original families from the first edition of The Sims.

I’ve spent hours marvelling at everything in this save and more time than I’d like to admit creating family trees in external software. For context, here’s a look at some of the relationships added through this save.

Spoiler alert: I completely forgot that Mortimer has Crumplebottom blood. The screenshot below is of the Goth family, with a few tweaks of my own – including the some of the stylish vintage Maxis Match CC clothing by Happy Life Sims.

The Sims 4 Goth Family Portrait

This file is huge. So approach with caution. There are over 350 Sims in the neighbourhoods, so be warned – the load can be heavy. The good news is that it is BASE GAME FRIENDLY. Yep, we hope you enjoy it as much as we have been doing.

Sims 4 Save Files: The Original Fishy Save

Details from the creator below [original source, tumblr]

My new Sims 4 save file is now ready for beta testing! This is The Original Fishy Save File, a passion project dedicated to the entire sims series! Inspired by YouTubers such as lilsimsie and Plumbella.

  • 57 New Lots
  • EVERY Lot Completely Rebuilt
  • NO expansion packs, game packs, or stuff packs required!
  • Over 70 New Families
  • New traits, skills and stories for ALL Maxis Families
  • Justice for Liberty Lee and every sim whitewashed by EA
  • COMPLETE family trees for iconic Maxis families
  • Families inspired by classic sims games from the ENTIRE series
  • JUSTICE for Sims 4 promo sims (they deserve love too)
  • My husbandos Chaz McFreely and Oscar Del Fuego are here, too.
  • Play this instead of EA’s file. They suck. You deserve better. Your Sims deserve better.
  • ALL base game lots rebuilt
  • Botanical Garden Wedding Venue
  • Lots inspired by Pleasantview, Riverview, Strangetown, Old Town, The Royal Academy from MySims Kingdom, The Velvet Room from the Persona series, Lucky Palms and Sunset Valley
  • Over 350 Sims!

You can Download this incredible save here (Updated for 12/20) or see more details in the post below. Note: The download link will redirect you to the Tumblr post where you can download the file from the original creator]

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