Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Imagine taking a train from other worlds

If you haven?t caught up with the latest news from The Sims 4, here’s a quick primer. The popular simulation franchise will release its tenth expansion pack ? called Snowy Escape ? on 13 November 2020.

The pack is set in the snowy world of Mt. Komorebi (the Seasons expansion pack is not needed) and draws inspiration from Japan. And yes, there are new deaths ? including one thoroughly miserable mountain-related one.

The base game update preceding the pack will bring vacation lots to all worlds for the first time in The Sims 4 and that’s where we?re curious about the trains seen in both the reveal and gameplay trailer for the new Snowy Escape expansion pack.

Train stations in other Sims 4 worlds

One of our favourite things to do in The Sims 4 is to just whizz around the worlds. You can spot some really fun things like the cows just chilling out in Brindleton Bay.

You can even discover the fact that worlds in The Sims 4 are indeed round. If you have played the Eco Lifestyle expansion, released earlier in 2020, you?ll know all about the train station that came with the pack.

There’s the industrial or freight looking railway and the one that looks like it might serve passengers in Evergreen Harbor. You can see both below for reference.

Sims 4 Evergreen Harbor Freight Train
Sims 4 Evergreen Harbor Train Station

And we are not even going to mention those snowy mountains in the background. Okay, we just mentioned it. Anyway, moving swiftly along…

There is also a railway line in Britechester, the Discover University world. It doesn’t really go anywhere. In fact, it kinda just stops at the edge of the world randomly.

Sims 4 Railway Line Britechester
Sims 4 Railway Stops In Britechester

Now, even if you know very little about Japan, chances are you know that they are revered for their trains. If you didn’t know that, you probably saw the train station in the Snowy Escape trailer.

Sims 4 Snowy Escape Trains
Sims 4 Snowy Escape Train Station

Now, we’re not saying or even speculating that it’s something that might happen in The Sims 4, but we’re just saying that it would be pretty cool if Sims could get on a train to travel to all worlds. Even cooler if they got to leave their (newly added but not currently there) car in the car park. Just saying.

You can check out the map and the info on the neighbourhoods and lots for Mt. Komorebi over here.