Sims 4 speculation: Paranormal pack hint in Snowy Escape?

Sorry not sorry, but we?re already speculating about what the next Sims 4 pack will be.

Don?t get us wrong, we are obsessed with Snowy Escape ? it’s a wonderfully wholesome, feel-good expansion. But while we were browsing through some of the new items, we could not help but notice something quite curious.

We?ll preface this with the usual disclaimer: not everything in The Sims is a hint. And nothing here has been confirmed by EA or anyone else  (until of course it has).

Sims 4: Happy Haunts or Paranormal Pack hint?

One of the decor items in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape is called: “Paranormal Plates?”

The description reads: Hey, those plates aren’t gonna stack themselves, ya know. Wait! That looks like symmetrical plate stacking! Kinda reminds me of a movie I once saw. Nah, probably not. No human has stacked their plates like that in over 40 years.

Sims 4 Paranormal Plates Snowy Escape Hint Maybe

Of course this could simply be a nod to the forest spirits Sims might encounter on their hikes in Snowy Escape. However, we know The Sims 4 team love to tease. The hints for this snow-filled adventure started dropping with the Tiny Living Stuff Pack at the start of 2020 already, after all.

We also know that even the community-voted packs that do not win the vote might end up becoming something a bit more. Nifty Knitting won the community’s backing, but Happy Haunts or anything paranormal is a fan favourite from way back when The Sims first launched.

We are not going to read too much into this, we really do just want to indulge in the new Snowy Escape expansion for a few weeks, but we?ll just take a look at one more little thing.

The bar is called the ?High Spirits Bar?. We know, we know. All the puns. High Spirits because of the hike achievement, a reference to the forest spirits or just a reference to, err, well, the beverage.

Sims 4 High Spirits Bar Paranormal Hint Maybe

Like we said, we are not going to get spirited away. But what’s a day of Simming when you don’t go on a little segue looking for clues, right?