Sims 4 crashes after update: Disable audio workaround

The Sims 4 team have noted that there have been increased reports of games crashing on all platforms after the recent? Snowy Escape update. The team is busy working on a fix, expected to be rolled out next week, but you might be able to get around some of the issues by simply disabling your game’s audio.

While the crashes seemed to be relatively isolated cases initially, more and more players have started reporting that their games would crash randomly, often without reason.

The game is crashing for players on PC, Mac and on console devices, with a spike in these incidents noted since Thursday. Most notably, there has been a spike in games crashing on PlayStation 4.

The Sims 4 technical team already acknowledged the early reports and said they were already busy with a fix.

On Friday morning, Sim Guru Nick – a Quality Designer for The Sims 4 – sent a message on Twitter saying:

Hey Simmers, we?ve seen an uptick in crashes on all platforms, especially PS4. We are working on them. Please see the forum link below for more information. Thank you!

Reporting Sims 4 game crashes after the November update

Players who experience this issue are encouraged to use EA Answers HQ to reporting these bugs on the 10 November update crash thread. Remember to include as much information as possible to help the QA team solve the bugs as quickly as possible.

You can also try clearing your game’s cache and, if you use mods or custom content, try to remove these and adding them back in slowly.

The Sims 4 had similar crash issues earlier in the year after the Eco Lifestyle update. Those caused specific save files to crash on load and were fixed promptly.

Disable audio workaround for post-November crashes

Sim Guru Nick also shared a workaround that might fix some of the problems. It appears some of the crashes are audio-related and disabling game audio should help fix some of these problems, according to a post shared by SimGuruNick on the official Sims forums.

Here’s how to disable audio if your Sims 4 game is crashing after the Snowy Escape update

Adding the -nosound argument on PC and Mac disables audio at a core level to avoid the audio-related crashes for the time being.

On Origin (PC/Mac)

Go to ?My Game Library?.
Right click on The Sims 4 and select ?Game Properties?.
Select the ?Advanced Launch Options? ta
In the ?Command line arguments? text field, add -nosound and select ?Save?.

On Steam

Go to ?Library?.
Right click on The Sims 4 and select ?Properties?.
Click the ?Set Launch Options?? button.
Add -nosound in the text field and click ?OK?.

On PS4

You can try adjusting the master volume in the Game Options to be 0%. We have had mixed results with this.