Sims 4 speculation: Signs that might point to a Paris pack

The Sims forums have been full of chatter about what the next Sims 4 game pack (or perhaps a surprise expansion of sorts?) might be ? and there are some interesting theories floating around.

One of the big theories is that there is a Sims 4 pack coming (soon) that will be something to do with Paris or France. But just to stress again that this is all speculation, we need to point something out. The Sims team said that the game pack would be a ?Major First?. Hrm, now that could mean something relating to the military, too ? you see how there’s a hint in everything if you look hard enough? That’s also why this might suggest the rumour could be hitting at an expansion pack.

We digress. At the centre of the speculation that there will be some sort of Sims 4 Paris/France pack is the picture that was posted to plot the six-month road map.

Sims 4 pack speculation: Why France or Paris?

sims 4 six month road map hints paris pack maybe

Many of these things have recently come to be. The bug on the person’s shoulder? The bug hotel that came with Eco Lifestyle. Mr. Gnome getting his kit off? Free Love – also from Eco Lifestyle. The activists on the right – the NAP system that came with Eco Lifestyle.

That still leaves four other things to speculate over.  Let’s break them down one-by-one.

  1. Night Owl? We’ll get back to this in a bit.
  2. We?re not actually sure what this might hint at in a Pairs pack. Looks cuddly?
  3. Cats.
  4. More cats.

The cats are quite important ? as they are what’s driving a lot of the speculation. Catwalks are a thing in Paris, right (fashion week)?

The Aristocats ? a possible hint at Sims 4: Paris

But so are aristocrats. And then there are cat burglars. We’ll get to all of that a bit later.

How does this all blend in with a ?major first? or Paris? Well, let’s think about it for a bit. Paris as a destination world would not be a first – the Sims 3 had a Paris destination world, so either the hint is not about a game pack… or there’s something else afoot.

Major first? and all that time travelling?

Remember when the Future Cube started hinting at stuff and some patch notes recently made a big deal about travelling? It is possible that a Paris/France pack could blend together a few different things.

First ? it could be period related (aristocrats). For the sake of not getting one word wrong, let’s take the exact quote for this system from Wikipedia: ?In practice, aristocracy often leads to hereditary government, after which the hereditary monarch appoints officers as they see fit.?

That kind of period-setting would add a lot of the generational type of gameplay many Simmers desperately want. It could also enhance the current romance system, with Paris being the city of love and all.

But there is also this: The Aristocats was an animated film set in Paris in 1910.

Are you still following?

Sims 4: Paris, cat burglars and night owls

The Sims 4 team recently said they are ?always thinking about burglars?. Some old favourite NPCs returned with the June base game update ? so there’s some hope that burglars might return to The Sims 4.

Then there was the survey that hinted at heists. While some believe it would be too soon to see results from that survey, it’s not impossible. A “night owl” trait would fit with having to hustle at night for all that thieving.

Rich people, thieves, galleries? heists. You see where we?re going.

You can read more about this theory in another post about why there is speculation that one of the next Sims 4 packs might be related to Paris.

More recently, there was a Sims 4 advert recruiting for a concept artists to work on a six-month contract, with the requirements including: “You need to have an understanding of historical styles, and an ability to blend multiple styles or reinterpret them in a fresh and aesthetically pleasing manner.?

Oooh la la la. We’ll keep guessing.