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Simple Sims 4 mod means no more shoes while sleeping

Finally, no more slippers or any other shoes when Sims take a nap or sleep on their beds. And it works with The Sims 4 base game, too.

Sims Remove Shoes While Sleeping Mod

On the list of ?why are they like this? quirks of Sims, one of the biggest bugbears, personally speaking, is the fact that these virtual people insist on sleeping with their shoes on.

It might not be something that irks everyone quite as much, but it is one of those things that makes me role my eyes and furiously shake my fist at pixels yelling: ?why are you so stupid?.

It certainly does not inhibit my ability to play the game and most days, it is something that can simply be brushed aside. But every once in a while, it?s the kind of thing that makes me furiously removes slippers from all Sims in a mass MC Command Centre cleaning spree.

I was hopeful that the ?No Shoes? sign introduced by the Snowy Escape expansion might offer some sort of integration to stop such nonsense, but that was not to be.

But you know that ancient Sims proverb: there is a mod for that? Yep, it is applicable to the annoying Sims wearing shoes while sleeping situation.

No more shoes while sleeping in The Sims 4

Simply called Take shoes off while sleeping & napping in bed it was created by ShuSanR?after a follower requested it. As per the description on Mod The Sims, where it is available for download:

I don’t mind sims wearing shoes sleeping, but the mod comes out pretty good and makes me feel better watching the Sims napping in bed with no shoes on.

Since it is for the base game, there is no animation about taking off the shoes before sleep, and the shoes will take off while they are asleep, it means Sims would go to sleep wearing the shoes but getting up with no shoes on. They will put on the shoes autonomously after getting up.

I didn’t make any changes about the Woohoo or other interactions in beds, only for sleeping and napping.

Below, let’s allow Eliza to demonstrate the simple but effective difference a single, simple mod like this can make to The Sims 4.

Sims Do Not Wear Shoes While Sleeping Mod

The mod is usable for all ages and applies only to beds and not couches. Which is kind of realistic since some of us do fall asleep on the couch sometimes while wearing our shoes.