Sims 4 CC windows, doors broken after September 2020 patch

The latest Sims 4 base game update appears to have broken custom content windows. We don’t mean shattered the glass panes, more like they no longer have any glass panes. Sims 4 custom content doors and arches are also broken.

The update from 3 September 2020 expanded on the free placing of windows and doors released with the Eco Lifestyle patch earlier in the year. Players can now stack windows without them glitching and overlapping.

While it is a great addition for builders, it appears as if the update has caused custom content windows, doors and arches used in The Sims 4 to glitch in a different way.

Here is an example using custom content windows to show what we mean. While it does not affect the way the windows work (ie, they will still add light to a room in the case of windows and Sims will still be able to use doors and arches), the aesthetic is out of whack.

The update has caused the transparency of custom content windows, doors and arches to malfunction, resulting in what you see below.

Sims 4 September Patch Broken Windows

What to do if your Sims 4 CC windows, doors and arches broke

The glitch is unlikely to fix itself, so you will have to do something to fix your broken Sims 4 CC. Depending on how much custom content you have, you can either wait for the original creator to update their files and download them,

If you have a lot of CC this can be quite a painful process, though. And if you are using older CC assets, there is no guarantee that the creator will update them.

Alternatively, if you have a lot of Sims 4 CC windows, doors and arches, you can wait for Sims 4 Studio to be updated for the patch – which will most likely include a batch fix.

If you are a more experienced user, you could also try and update the broken CC yourself by copying the footprint from a base game window to your custom content using Sims 4 Studio. This method is not advised unless you are familiar with how it works.