Sims 4: Werewolves Game Pack trailer set for release

The Sims 4 is set to reveal a trailer for a new game pack on Wednesday. It has not officially been confirmed that the theme is indeed Werewolves, but between the hints and an accidental leak on the official German site, it seems unlikely to be anything else.

Since the current roadmap for The Sims 4 was announced, there have been moonlit hints aplenty and leaks to boot.

The most recent Sims 4 Game Pack leak came just a day before the release of the trailer and showed a screenshot of what the game’s iteration of werewolves will look like, and it is… well… you can decide for yourself.

sims 4 werewolves leak

Yeah, no, look… it could be worse but the operative word for lycanthropy is wolf and as many players have already quipped, this looks a bit more person-in-a-cat-suit than wolf.

Nevertheless, other leaks and teasers have revealed that the pack will include a new world called Moonwood Mill and that werewolves and vampires will have some errr, difficulty getting along.

sims 4 moonwood mill
An official screenshot of Moonwood Mill, released prior to the new Game Pack trailer.

Trailer release details for the new Sims 4 Game Pack

As usual, the trailer for the new pack will drop on the official Sims channels at 17:00 SAST (which is 15:00 GMT and 11:00 EST). Or you can watch it below.

Werewolves have been part of The Sims franchise ever since the game’s original release over two decades ago. First appearing in The Sims: Makin Magic as a spell, it evolved to a lore-filled life state in The Sims 3. Whether The Sims 4 will live up to expectations, well, we’ll have to wait and see.