Sims 4 Official Patch Notes: Update details for 24 and 28 May 2022

The Sims 4 released a base game patch ahead of the release of the new moonlight-themed Sims 4 Kits. With all DLC installed, the patch came in just under 600mb in size, despite only a couple of bug fixes.

But while the fixes in the patch were relatively minor, it does add a highly requested feature to The Sims 4 base game.

While it is currently only available in English, players can now customise pronouns for their Sims. The Sims team said that they do intend to roll out the feature for all 18 languages The Sims 4 is available in, but did not provide a timeline for when players can expect this.

On Friday, The Sims released an additional patch to deal with problems caused by the earlier patch. Well, a single problem (at least in its presentation), but quite a big one. Console players were not impacted by the issue, but players on Widows and Mac have had issues with their games crashing since the patch was released.

The official update notes did not go into details of what was causing the issue, simply saying that it was a base game issue.

As always, we take the patch notes verbatim from the official announcement on The Sims forums, and we edit only for style and brevity where required. Patch notes now available below.

Sims 4 Latest Patch Notes: May 2022 update/s

PC: / Mac:

Console: Version 1.59

Hello Simmers!

We didn’t just meet you, but it was crazy. We hope you enjoyed the visit from Callia Maebey! All kidding aside, summer is almost here and we’ve got an amazing update to share with you this month!

Not only do we have bug fixes to share, but we’re also releasing the new feature of Customizable Pronouns in The Sims 4!

Let’s dive in and see what’s included in this update.

– The Sims Team

Sims 4 latest update: What’s New?

We’re happy to announce that as of today, you will be able to customise your Sims’ pronouns in Create A Sim (CAS) in The Sims 4 if your game is set to English.

How to customise pronouns in The Sims 4

To change the pronouns for your Sim, simply click on the ‘Hello, my name is…’ tab next to the plumbob.

You’ll see the ‘Custom Pronouns’ drop-down menu where you’ll be able to select from They/Them, She/Her, He/Him, and Custom Pronouns.

If you’ve chosen to use custom pronouns, the feature will automatically change pronouns that show up when referring to the Sim to match what you’ve chosen.

While the feature has been fully tested, there may be instances where the incorrect conjugation of pronouns or the default pronoun of the assigned gender may still appear due to the intricacies of grammar in English. We’ll be working to improve the feature over time, so please let us know if you run into instances where the incorrect pronoun is displayed on this Answers HQ thread.

Initially, the customizable pronouns feature will only be available in English. However, we plan on rolling out the feature to all 18 languages over time. At launch, custom pronouns can be uploaded to the Gallery and used in English only.

For this first iteration of the feature we focused on pronouns. While pronouns are a very important piece when it comes to greater inclusivity for The Sims 4, we understand that customizable pronouns will not make the game 100-percent gender neutral. You will still see instances of gendered language in the game such as mother, father, policeman, policewoman, etc.

Making The Sims 4 more inclusive of gender neutrality is an ongoing learning and development process for us and we will continue to update this feature over time. For now, we hope the ability to choose your preferred and custom pronouns for your Sims will make your game feel more welcoming and kind.

Bug fixes in the latest Sims 4 update

The Sims 4

We’ve reduced clipping around the ears while using the braided hair with the red bow.

Get Together

The ‘Change Game’ interaction should now appear when interacting with the “Don’t Wake the Llama” table game.

Patch notes for the 28 May 2022 update

PC: / Mac:

Hello Simmers!

We discovered an issue in the Base Game update that was released earlier this week that has caused some players to experience crashes on Windows and macOS only. This update resolves the issue. Happy Simming!

– The Sims Team