Sims Wear Gloves All Outfits Snowy Escape Expansion

Sims stuck wearing gloves in Snowy Escape? Take off the climbing gear

If you?ve been playing The Sims 4: Snowy Escape expansion pack, you?ve probably taken your Sims rock climbing. Whether you?ve gone the whole way to the Mt. Komorebi summit, or just stuck with the more generic routes doesn?t really matter.

If your Sim returned from their adventure unscathed, you might have also noticed something a little strange: Sims insisting on wearing gloves with every single outfit.

When you realise what the problem is (it’s not terrible townie fashion or the new Eyeball Ring), it’s easy to solve. For many players, the solution was probably obvious in the first place, but we are not one of those players.

So, in case there are any other Simmers suffering with the endless frustration of gloved Sims in formal wear, we are here to help.

How to get rid of Sims wearing gloves in Snowy Escape

If you?re (or your Sim) one of those super-prepared and ready for anything types, then you probably ordered rock climbing gear before setting off on your excursion.

And if you are not a cruel tyrant, you probably told your Sim to put on their climbing gear before they started.

Delightful as all of that might be, Sims apparently are not smart enough to realise when they have ended their adventure. You know, despite the whole excursion up Mt. Komorebi being a ?planned social event? thing.

So those gloves your Sim insists on wearing in Snowy Escape is their climbing gear.

To rid your Sim of this atrocity, which even townies would frown on, head over to their inventory and look for the rock climbing gear in there. Then hit the ?remove climbing gear? interaction.

Or, if you?ve had it with the whole rock climbing thing and have no further purpose for it, throw it away.