The Sims 4 Tiny Living: Murphy Beds are back with a bang? and death

While some a few lucky Simmers have already been granted early access to The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack, the rest of us have had to wait for its official release.

With the pack finally released on PC and Mac, one new buy mode object is getting a lot of attention. Yes, the Murphy Bed is back and it can kill your Sim.

Players who have followed the simulation franchise through the years will remember it first making an appearance in The Sims 2 Apartment Life.

Players of The Sims 4 have been hopeful that it would make a return and some were left disappointed when it did not make the cut for The Sims 4 University Life expansion.

The bed has arrived with the latest expansion, however, and it comes with some nifty features. You can buy the Murphy Bed in Build/Buy mode and there are a few variations to choose from, including a two-in-one object that functions both as a bed and a loveseat.

This type of Murphy Bed will be very useful for micro homes where tiles are extremely limited and space comes at a premium.

There is also a variant of the Murphy bed that comes with me with attached bookcases; one on one side and the other on both sides.

All versions of the Murphy bed come with a built-in painting and shelf, but the shelves do not have any slots for placing additional items. That’s for a practical reason, though. The shelf folds away and items placed manually would be disturbed when it folds.

The Murphy Beds also benefit from the ability to upgrade the bed, a new feature that rolled out with The Sims 4 latest base game patch. Players can upgrade all beds to increase comfort and add positive moodlets. You don’t need to own Tiny Living to benefit from these upgrades.

The Murphy Bed comes with two exclusive upgrades, though.

The Sims 4 Tiny Living: Murphy Bed exclusive upgrades

Spring Loaded

  • What it does: Reduces how often the bed will break
  • Skills and parts required: Handiness 3, four common upgrade parts

Reinforced Spring Wiring

  • What it does: Infused wire and reinforced springs make the bed unbreakable
  • Skills and parts required: Handiness 8, three common upgrade parts, three electronic upgrade parts.

Death by Murphy Bed in The Sims 4

Whether you’re one of those players who attempt to kill Sims, or whether you’re simply looking out for their well being, you need to know that Murphy Beds can be deadly.

Sometimes, Sims will be injured with trying to open the bed, this will cause a negative moodlet. Sims might also get trapped inside their Murphy Bed while sleeping – causing them to be too scared to fall asleep.

Murphy Beds can kill your Sim when they try to open it. If the bed is broken, it’s far more likely to kill your Sim. They’ll never be completely safe, but upgrading the bed will reduce the risk.

Sims killed this way will have a unique ghost type that shows sleep Z’s from their ghost. These ghosts also have unique interactions, including being overly concerned about safety and waking up your Sim to lecture them on safety. 

If you have a grim curiosity about it all… here’s a video.