the sims mortimer goth translated name

What Mortimer Goth is called when the Sims is not in English

We have looked at Bella Goth, so it is only natural that Mortimer Goth is next. These two have been part of The Sims franchise since the original game first landed over two decades ago.

In case you have no idea what we are talking about, we have been looking at what some the game’s favourite Sims are called in other languages.

Because the game has been translated into so many different languages, some Sims? names have also been translated. So Bella is not actually called Bella in the Dutch version of The Sims, for example.

And no, their names have not just been randomly translated into Simlish. Although, that is not beyond the realms of possibility seeing as the Star Wars pack had some words relating to Star Wars things made up specifically in Simlish.

But back to the Goth family.?

Mortimer has quite a back story.

The son of Gunther Goth and Cornelia Goth, Mortimer was born outside of SimCity in the Old Country. His father moved the family to SimCity when Mortimer was young. Mortimer then grew up at 13 Skyborough Boulevard in Sunset Valley.

In The Sims 4, The Goth family live at Ophelia Villa in Willow Creek. Unlike previous Sims games, there The Sims 4 makes no mention of Mortimer’s  parents Gunther or Cornelia. But that’s a story for another day.

If you?ve been following this glorious tale of languages, you will know about the variations of the Goth surname when it is translated by now. That includes the glorious Dutch variant of ?van de Kerkhof? ? which directly translates back into English as ?from the churchyard?.

Mortimer Goth translated into other languages

LanguageThe SimsThe Sims 2The Sims 3The Sims 4
EnglishMortimer GothMortimer GothMortimer GothMortimer Goth
Brazilian PortugueseVladmir Caix?oVladmir Caix?oVladmir Caix?oVladmir Caix?o
Chinese (Simplified)??? ??
Chinese (Traditional)???? ?????? ??
CzechMortimer GothMortimer GothMortimer Goth
DanishMortimer GothMortimer Sp?ghMortimer Sp?ghMortimer Sp?gh
DutchChristiaan van de KerkhofChristiaan van de KerkhofChristiaan Van de KerkhofChristiaan van de Kerkhof
European PortugueseMortimer GothMortimer Goth
FinnishJanus GoottilaJanus GoottilaJanus GoottilaJanus Goottila
FrenchVladimir GothikVladimir GothikVladimir GothikVladimir Gothik
GermanWinfried von SpinnwebMortimer GruselMortimer GruselMortimer Grusel
Hebrew‘??????? ??? (Th)‘??????? ??? (Th)‘??????? ??? (Th)‘??????? ??? (Th)
HungarianMortimer Goth
ItalianMaurizio AlberghiniMaurizio AlberghiniMaurizio Alberghini
Japanese????? ?????????? ??
(Mortimer Goshikku-ha)(Mortimer Goth)
Korean? ????? ????? ????? ??
NorwegianMortimer GothMortimer GothMortimer Goth
PolishHenryk ?wirMortimer ?wirMortimer ?wirMortimer ?wir
RussianMortimer GotikaMortimer GotMortimer GotMortimer Got
(???????? ??????)(???????? ???)(???????? ???)(???????? ???)
SpanishHomero L?pidaHomero L?pidaHomero L?pidaHomero L?pida
SwedishMartin Sp?khMortimer Sp?khMortimer Sp?khMortimer Sp?kh
Thai??????????? ????????????????? ???

H/T Simsfandom for the translations.