The Sims 4 new expansion packs: Clues from old surveys

Since The Sims 4 was first released over six years ago, surveys have been a big part of helping decide future content.

Sometimes, what started off as an idea for a stuff pack will be expanded on or adapted to become a game pack or even a full expansion pack.

Sims 4 New Expansion Pack Old Survey clues

With a new Sims 4 expansion pack and possibly a new Sims 4 stuff pack set to be released in the coming months, we?ve been digging through some old surveys to see if there are any clues about what might come in the near future.

Some of these have already been released in one form or another. The surveys also feature some ideas that have been adapted or combined to create a version of the packs mentioned in the surveys.

Because of the sheer volume of surveys done in the past, we?ll be delving into these into these old surveys in parts, starting with the first Sims 4 survey we could track down, starting with the earliest survey from back in March 2014 – before The Sims 4 was released.

The text is taken from the surveys as they were, barring some minor adjustments for style. Some of the themes mentioned below are obvious as to what they would eventually become, for others, there’s an obvious mix of several elements.

Since this specific survey was from before The Sims 4 was released, some of these elements are a bit more basic and simply mention possibly worlds or venues (like the beach, for example) for the game.

Others deal with game play elements that were introduced at various stages. Things like cosmetics, sports to do in the garden and hosting a New Year’s Eve party, for example.

Revisiting these old Sims 4 surveys is merely a way to see what the future content of The Sims 4 might hold.

Sims 4 future content themes mentioned in early survey

The scene

Visit the hottest spots in town, from simple neighbourhood greasy spoon posh nightclubs through the chic and trendy lounges. Become rich and famous to access the benefits reserved to the jet-set, eg. living in a penthouse suite, luxury hot tubs and beautiful cars. What will your Sims after dark?

Animals & company

Create the perfect pet (or imperfect) for your Sims with a variety of dogs, cats, lizards, rodents and birds unique. Teach them tricks, and participate with them in talent contests, or, simply stroll and watch them destroy your neighbour’s garden ? the more you pet, the more you will enjoy!
Hobbies and skills

Awaken your Sims? true passions gradually as they discover and excel at all-new activities. They type in the ball, family practice dance, play in a group with friends or confectioning decorations for the home, your Sims can now develop skills, build friendships and succeed in their lives and a thousand one ways.

Select the job of your dreams, and take hold of the actions and choices of your Sims through interactive games on the spot! Tell the story of the aspiring chef whose dining options will build or break a career, or take the role of a criminal mastermind and Burgle a magnificent residence ? your Sims succeed or they fail they? Their fate is in your hands!

Strive for academic excellence! Women’s clubs and fraternities, secret societies and sports clubs can help you build strong professional relationships, but only if you have your diploma! Choose a speciality, follow the course and write memory, all in harmony with an active social life.
Rise to stardom

Watch your Sims go to the celebrity shine in the spotlight, or shatter as singers, actors, supermodels and rock musicians. Do you have what it takes to get a coveted Simmy Award and to participate in larger events nomination?

Weather and Disasters

Experience the beauty and awesome power of nature like never before while the weather plays an important role in shaping the lives and environments of your Sims. How do you prepare your house facing the severe weather? You?ll face the storm, and will you help your neighbour after the disaster, or tempt fate and you participate in to pillage?


Face the joys and sorrows of changing weather! The holiday season, the outdoor clothing, and new activities, eg. skiing, sunbathing and face painting, provide a guarantee that the Sims have plenty of things to do, regardless of the temperature outside.

University of Magic

Rejoin your fellow wizards in a school specializing in curses, potions and dragonologie. Do you have the skills and dedication necessary to achieve the rank of supreme master dragon, or forsake you and you d?munira does one of your powers forever? 
Crime and justice

Make changes in the city where your Sims live, do clean the streets assuming the office of mayor, and arrange for neighbourhood improvement projects, OR indulge in crime and greed by establishing a criminal organization which is illegal black market and smuggling. Choose your side in the world of crime and justice!

Sidenote: We speculated while this could be a good theme or fit for the new Sims 4 expansion pack.
Wonderful world of winter

Invite winter to your door, your neighbourhood and bury under a beautiful blanket of snow! Build a snowman, cover your Sims with winter clothes, or take the family on a trip to an alpine village for skiing, ice skating or snowboarding.

Note: While The Sims 4 Seasons has already been released, there are a lot of theories about why the next Sims 4 expansion could be a winter vacation pack.

Fast and fearless

Your Sims can go wherever they want at a brisk pace and style in sports cars, on motorcycles and superb road bikes! Compete against other Sims on single streets and win new parts, price and beautiful vehicles, or have fun at the street party.


Put on your clothes wizard and enter your wand, there’s magic in the air! Fly with dragons, trolls conjure the battle, and are fabricating wonderful artifacts to help your friends and terrorize your enemies.


At sunset, the party in full swing with the beachfront discos, karaoke, and live music!

Amusement park

Enjoy a great day at the amusement park, and try all the fun entertainment and carnival games! Ride the roller coaster of your dreams, and make your Sims live thrills.

Cliffs on the ocean

Magnificent cliffs and calm seas surround the bustling port of an island in the Mediterranean. Charter a fishing boat, dive in search of pearls, or relax on a majestic beach.


Your Sim wakes up alone on a deserted island in the heart of the tropics ? Use your survival skills to build a makeshift shelter, find food and find a way to help you. Can you escape before the eruption and destruction of the island?


Experience the thrill and glamour in the shoes of a gambler! Send your Sims shopping on the Grands Boulevards, or play free games interactive casino.


Made the Acquisition and manage your own resort or simply go on vacation! Combine sparkling pools, luxurious thalassotherapy treatments, festive buffets and unique local specialities to create the ideal place.

Cruise ship

Sail the high seas onboard a beautiful cruise ship luxury! Dine at the poolside bar, turn other Sims challenge during a basketball game, or stay in your private cabin and share a romantic moment on the veranda.

Heroes and Villains

Secret identities, superpowers and spandex blend and intermingle to create super-Sims! Fight against crime, change the world around you with telekinetic powers, or manipulate your friends and enemies by controlling their thoughts.


Create-a-puppy to develop new best companion for your Sim! Teach your dog new tricks, practice the hunting collectables, playing with toys, or let participate in a dog show! Make your puppy and help them grow! With age, there will be a faithful and loyal companion, or will it aggressive and independent? Your interactions with your dog will shape its future!

Pool & Jacuzzi

Create for your Sims the most beautiful pool that is with slides, diving boards, ball games and water volleyball. Personalize range Jacuzzis for two to eight people, and install a pool bar!

Rock band

From the garage to the stage of a stadium, take your Sims on an epic musical journey and capture them into rock superstars! Let yourself be carried away success at the height of the social glory.

Wilderness explorer

Experience the great outdoors with hiking, fishing, camping and white-water rafting. What new adventures await you around the corner?

Green Thumb

Step into the greenhouse, and put your green thumb to the test by looking crops, flowers or ornamental plants. Combine plants and create wonderful new varieties become the best gardener in the neighbourhood.

Tree houses

Create and customize unique tree houses with themes of piracy, fairy tales and return to earth.

Cemetery good rest

Reveal the secrets of the cemetery! Explore the crypts, bind up a friendship with a ghost, and help turbulent spirits find rest.

New Year’s Eve

Host a New Year’s Eve, and make a toast at midnight, and then, continue the party in the splendour with stunning fireworks, but be careful, because you play with fire, Sims end up getting burned.
The pleasure of the sun

Fun in the sun with water activities in the garden, eg. a small pool, a water slide and water jets!

Sports to do in the garden

Play baseball, football, or take a water fight in the garden of your Sim.


Dress your Sims with the polo team and magnificent bowling shoes, and confront them with other Sims to see which are capable of the finest strikes! Do you have what it takes to win the league trophy?


Give your Sim with a new collection of lipsticks, blush, eye shadow and a variety of colours of nail polish. 
Skateboards and bikes

Explore your neighbourhood at full speed and in style when you decorate your skateboard and ride your bike with stickers and other accessories.
Fashion Week

Place the podium, select your model and choose a dress. Do you have what it takes to launch your fashion empire?

Water Park

With three slides and unique pool games, eg. volleyball in the water, create a wonderful underwater world that will entertain children and adults.
Professional player

Become a professional video player, for that, build the ultimate gaming system, join a team, looking for sponsors, and play against other Sims to become the champion of champions. 

Incredible discovery

Become a master fisherman and collector with dozens of new aquatic creatures and a beautiful aquarium to put it. Fishing net allows the master to catch several fish at a time.
Fun night

The whole family has fun with board games, card games and pinball.

Luxury living

Indulge refinement that allows you to buy Simoleons. Stylish furniture, clothing, haute couture, and a superb luxury jacuzzi put your Sims in a romantic atmosphere