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Bunk beds coming to The Sims 4 in March 2021

Those bunk beds that The Sims mobile got before The Sims 4? Well, the March update will be adding bunk beds, finally.

Sims 4 Functional Bunk Beds Cc

Note the cover image for this article is actually custom content – completely functional bunk beds, made by creator Ravasheen.

Update: The Sims team announced the release date for the March 2021 patch which will add bunk beds to The Sims 4 base game for free.

The Sims 4 will finally add bunk beds to the base game in a free update set to be released in late March 2021. The announcement was made during a live stream on Thursday, which formed part of the 21st-anniversary celebration for the franchise.

The livestream followed the February update for the game, which included 21 items to mark the milestone anniversary for The Sims. The items were made in collaboration with nine custom content creators. The patch also included some minor bug fixes for the Sims 4 base game and some of the add-on packs.

sims 4 bunk beds base game update march

The 21st anniversary live stream showcased the content added with the patch and featured an interview with three creators who have diverse stories to tell.

The Sims also announced a new update called the “Laundry List” – a monthly overview looking at some of the key concerns , raised by players, the team is busy working on. While the list won’t be a fully comprehensive one, it is a move towards more transparency and better communication, something many players feel have been notably absent or far too sporadic from The Sims 4 team.

Bunk beds have been high on the priority wish list for Sims 4 players ever since the game first released almost seven years ago. CC creators have already produced their own versions (including the ones in our cover image by Ravasheen and this set of bunk beds released by PandaSims), but using CC is not something all players are comfortable with.

But bunk beds are merely a fraction of what Sims 4 players want. Recently, several Twitter accounts dedicated to missing NPCs, gameplay and items have been created on Twitter to start the “Sims Revolution” – a somewhat light-hearted look at things players feel are missing from the game – ranging from big-ticket items like cars and babies removed from their cribs to slightly more frivolous indulgences like Chip the Dancer and some of those grotesque build/buy items form the original game that stole our hearts (and wallets) 21 years ago.

Not that The Sims 4 does not have our love… it’s just…well, it’s hard to steal something when there are no burglars, you know?

No official date was set for the March 2021 Sims 4 update, which will include bunk beds, but expect more hints and plenty of speculation in the weeks leading up to that. Gotta catch ’em all, right?