Sims 4 Paranormal update seems to cause Bonehilda water puddles

There seems to be a new bug in The Sims 4 after the recent January 2021 update ? otherwise known as the Paranormal Stuff Pack update. The pack is set to be released on 26 January 2021 with the pre-pack patch already live.

As with all Sims 4 updates, there were a few niggles with custom content and mods, most of which have now been fixed.

However, it appears that the update has caused a glitch for which we can probably thank Bonehilda. While the skeletal maid will make her comeback with the pack only, her quest for justice will likely affect all players ? including those with only the base game.

Bonehilda’s return has had a lukewarm reception, due to the absence of her coffin living quarters. Players can, however, Woohoo with Bonehilda. As is the fate of a skeleton, when poor Bonehilda drinks water, it goes right through her – literally – resulting in a giant water puddle.

Sims 4 bug report: Puddles everywhere after getting water

Those puddles might not be exclusive to Bonehilda, though. Players on the EA Help Forums reported that they started to notice water puddles everywhere after the recent January update.

The puddles would appear only after a Sim finished drinking water from a sink. Getting water from a bar made no difference and some players even had their Sims travel to a lot with a bar to get water from there, but the same thing kept happening.

Here’s a quote from one of the bug reports on the EA forums

?So far it happens every single time my sim drinks a glass of water, regardless of where they got it from and regardless of where they actually drink it. If they stand to drink, it appears at their feet as if they peed themselves. If they sit to drink, it seems to appear on a nearby unoccupied floor tile. It wasn’t happening before the recent patch, and only started happening after installing the update.?

Being the committed troubleshooters that we are, we gave this is a whirl with a Sim and several sinks over in Live Mode (which we?ll forever pronounce as in not paused so, Live Mode, regardless of what the Gurus might say).

sims 4 puddle after drinking water bug

With our sincerest apologies but eternal thanks to this poor Sim, it appears as if all Sims now have a little bit of Bonehilda in them. Oh, get your mind out the gutter, we don’t mean it like that.

If you are having the issue with your Sims leaving puddles everywhere after getting water after the Paranormal update, head over to the EA Help Forums. If you can, make sure you prepare a save file you are comfortable uploading so that the developers can look into the glitch.

It’s enough to cheat your way to making your Sim so Scared that they actually become Terrified, even if you’ll get this very judge-y message from the game should you do so.