Premier League: Which month has the biggest wins and which teams get them?

Leicester City weren’t the first team in the Premier League to smash nine unanswered goals past their opponents.

Leicester City ran riot against Southampton in the Premier League on Friday night. The Foxes hammered nine goals past the hapless Saints, recording the biggest ever away win in Premier League history.

Somewhat amazingly, it wasn?t the first time a team lost by that scoreline. Manchester United did the same to Ipswich Town back in 1995, but the Red Devils were playing at home.

Tottenham also scored nine goals against Wigan back in 2009, but the Latics at least managed a consolation goal in that trouncing.

Last season, the Premier League broke the record for most goals in total ? with players finding the back of the net a whopping 1072 times.

And there has been a notable upward trend in goals scored since the 2014-15 season.

There have been a fair few trouncing in the history of English top-flight football, but when are they most likely to happen?

We?re glad you asked.

First, we need to define “biggest”. For the purposes of this data set, six or more goals by the winning team were added and only matches where the losing side scored two goals or fewer were considered.

Months with the ?biggest wins? in Premier League history

Months In Which Bigges Wins Happen

After Leicester’s demolition job on Friday, October and November share the honour with seven each. October, however, is the only month that also has such a massive result coming for the away team thanks to the Foxes.

December is the least likely month for record-margin wins, despite it usually being the month with a higher number of fixtures due to the holiday season. Perhaps a combination of holiday mode and fixture fatigue at play.

Teams with biggest Premier League wins

The same qualifier for ?biggest? as defined above applies here.

Teams With Most Biggest Win

The red and blue half of Manchester have each racked up six home and one away of thrashing, but Chelsea tops the list overall with eight in total.

Liverpool has done it away from home most frequently. And, just for a fun fact, Manchester City is one of the few teams who once got it as good as they gave. Middlesbrough’s place on this table is thanks to their 8-1 drubbing of City back in 2008.

Data source: Transfermarkt.

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