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Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kit: Object descriptions and might or might not be hints

Is it a hint, is it a plane or is it just a missing window pane? You decide for yourself. Here are all the descriptions for the objects that came with The Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kit.

sims 4 blooming rooms kit item descriptions

By the usual standards of leaks and speculation, things have been pretty quiet for The Sims 4. Whether that is down to players being tired of *gestures vaguely* this or simply because many have reached their tolerance limit with bugs, we do not know.

What we do know is that new DLC often means potential for new hints, and the recently released Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kit might have a few.

While there is a risk of looking too deeply into things that aren?t there, the object descriptions often drop a hint or two of what is to come for The Sims 4.

Previously, we picked up on hints for the Paranormal Stuff Pack in one of the object descriptions in the Snowy Escape Expansion Pack. And that is just one example.

We generally leave you to make up your own mind about what might or might not be hinting at future Sims 4 content, so we?ll just drop these down below.

And hey, even if there are zero hints here, The Sims 4 object descriptions will at the very least raise a snigger or two and are always worth reading.

Note: Some of these have been edited for style and brevity.

The Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kit: All object descriptions

Fine Vine Curtains

 More emerald than ivy, greener than envy, these tendrily curtains will make your walls and windows luscious and green year-round. So lovely you’ll want to keep your guests from trying to nibble it, otherwise it might be curtains for them. Just kidding. This version is not poisonous.

String-of-Pearls Lamp

 Most String-of-Pearls plants are fake, but this one is totally real! A perennial creeper, (but not a creep) this sassy succulent enjoys bright light, making it the perfect companion plant for this hanging lamp.

Green Light Plant Lamp

 Plants like light, right? But do we know if lights like plants? Artificial plants don?t care for light, so let?s go with artificial lights and real plants: Lamps and plants together, that is! Confused? So is this lamp-plant plant-lamp, but it’s a great freak of nature.

Go Geo Plant Shelving

Asymmetric, yet geometric. The warmth of the wooden structure enhances the natural quality of the plants, making you wonder how you ever lived without this shelf configuration. Seriously. Don’t let your life slip through your fingers without owning this contemporary organization solution. Don’t wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night screaming Geometric plant shelving! only to awaken to an empty, plant-less wall and a dry, barren existence. Go geometric!

Green Goddess Pothos

It’s a jungle in here! If you’re looking for a gargantuan plant that says I’m a proud plant parent or I want to live in a rainforest, you’ve found your match. This giant pothos plant is here to bring life to your space, and can act as a conversation starter for those quieter, awkward moments. When you don’t know what to say, now there’s always Hey, check out my huge plant.

Fortune Favours the Jade Plant

 Jade plants are often said to attract good fortune, so make sure to place one in your home if you are low on funds. Though the plant will not generate Simoleons for you, or win you any lotteries, its green, coin-like leaves and outstretched branches seem to beckon to the universe hey, can I have some money?

Therapeutic Ficus

 Take a deep breath. Imagine your Sim-self sat on a sofa (or a chair, the floor, wherever? we?re not picky), contemplating the green of the plant, relaxing, letting your eyes wander and your mind travel through the depth of space and time. Through the soft moss on the spiral pot into part of your mind that might not have been used in a long time (hello, algebra class and world history factoids). Now imagine yourself watering your brand-new ficus tree…

Sunny Days Citrus Tree

 Don’t wait for life to give you lemons, go get some yourself! This visually a-peeling citrus bush will have you pleased as punch. Not to go off on a tangelo tangent, but this cute little plant will be your main squeeze in no time. Orange you glad you got it?

Desert Rose

 This adorable desert rose bonsai is here to complete your life and make existence a better place! From its pink blossoms to its Cthulhu-like roots, this succulent is a head-turner and will make anyone say ya leel ya leel!


 If you looked up plant in the dictionary, there would probably be a picture of this one. And let’s face it, looking up a plant would be a lot easier than trying to pronounce its proper botanical name. Anyway, just look at it! The classic elegant pot, the perky but not overly perky leaves… it’s almost like it’s always been in this room… hasn’t it? Plant perfection in a pot.

Triostar Stromanthe

 This light-loving plant often reaches up to the sky to grab whatever sunlight it can get its leaves on. Just don’t confuse this plant with its sister, the Calathea plant. Imagine if someone confused you with your sister all the time – so rude!

Faustus the ZZ Plant

 Also known as the Zanzibar gem, eternity plant, or the Zuzu plant, this tropical perennial is tough to kill. Before you break out the flame thrower and give it a go, you should know that ZZ plants are great air purifiers, have been used in traditional medicine, and can also be great listeners too. Just don’t talk to it too much or you might make it zzzzzz…

Twee Tea Planters by Simergy Tea Sensations

 Into tea? Into plants? These old tea cannisters would have wound up in the trash, but here at Simergy Tea Sensations we believe in second chances. It’s why we let Bob come back to work even though he microwaved a cod. (Really, Bob?) Anyway, these upcycled tea cannisters now house gorgeous snowdrop plants and are ready to up the twee factor in any home. Here’s to second chances, tea, and snowdrops!

Ferntastic Mr. Fern

 This ferntastic fern frequently wins Best-In-Show in the heavily misted category during plant expos. You might say the judges are quite frond of it! Don’t confuse it with large bowls of salad you might have hanging around your house.

Wall of Verdant Vases

 This wall of verdant vases is perfect for plant lovers, plant admirers, plant daddies, plant queens, or anyone looking to fill an empty void in their life with plants. Who needs pictures of loved ones when you can put your loved ones directly on the wall?

Superb Nasturtiums

 Cute, cheerful pots for cute, cheerful plants! Perky lily pad-like leaves and bright blooms make this plant a superstar of any plant family. Housed within an adorable animal-inspired pot, these floral friends will be sure to put a smile on your face even on your grumpiest of days.

Biophilic Room Divider

 For the love of all that is good and green! Section your space into a sanctuary of biophilic tranquillity with this tangled treasure of a room divider. Holey monstera deliciosa!

All the Rage Plant Cage

 If you’ve got some rage, you might want a plant in a cage. That’s right! Plants have proven to have rage-reducing properties. Even just looking at the colour green is said to reduce your heart rate. This beautiful statement piece has nine plants just waiting to lessen your stress with their air-purifying natural goodness. Lock it in!

Propagation Station

 This adorable propagation station is a must-have for any plant parent! Two small plant vials let you see your seedlings progress from root to tendril. What’s cuter than a plant? Baby plants!

Cryptic Triptych Shelf

 Three plants are better than one! Triple your plant-real-estate with this tri-level plant stand. One for all and all for botanical love. Mesmerise your friends and family with a mystical number that recalls arcane secrets and reaches for the synthesis that is more than the sum of its parts. Or just arrange your plants in a fancy and elegant way. After all, three is like black: it goes with everything.

Greenhome Greenhouse-Shelf

 From our greenhouse to your green-home! This open-front greenhouse-style shelving unit has enough built in windows to keep any high-maintenance plants looking and feeling their best. If only there was a greenhouse like this for high-maintenance Sims…

Houseplant Hobbyist Shelving

For the houseplant hobbyist who wants to get a little dirty! Park this shelf in a sunny spot and cram it with whatever you feel like, but we recommend houseplants, naturally. Comes complete with entryway clutter, gardening supplies, and you guessed it… even more houseplants!

Lush Reflections End Table

 Lush reflections intermingle and intertwine with the organic refraction. A poetic game of light, life, and clarity flowing into each other to give shape to? a great place to put stuff! Bring home this end table today and have a whole new place to hunt for your keys.

Of Glass and Greenery

 The elegance of structural support complete with the gorgeousness of the greenery makes for the perfect glossy-glassy composition. A must-have for any green-thumbed Sim. What reflections! What refraction! What chlorophyll!

Whatever might or might not be a hint, we took special notice of the reference to Zanzibar. Remember the survey about which worlds players would like to see in The Sims 4 in future? One of the choices on the list was a South African city. Fun fact: while the plant in question can indeed be found in Zanzibar (and other parts of East Africa), it is also found in the north-eastern parts of South Africa. Call us biased (because we are), but seeing a South African city in The Sims 4 would be on some other level of awesome.

And just case you’re curious about you might find in the north-east of South Africa, that would be the Kruger National Park, among other things. You know, the giant park with wild animals where you can have a safari?

Not to reach too far (okay, okay, we’re reaching as deep as we can), but remember that roadmap with the six-month roadmap with the Sim wearing what looked like Safari gear (the outfit was from Jungle Adventure but whatever)? And the fact that The Sims Freeplay got a Safari update in September 2021, you know, we’re kind of hopeful… even if Safari is not at the top of our wishlist of possible themes, representation of our country matters too.

We did warn you about this being risky business, looking for things that aren’t there. So we’ll leave you to make of it what you will.

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